Show Me Yours – Al’s ‘Rat Queens’ Commission!

I don’t have much to show off for ‘Show Me Yours’, as I don’t really collect toys, statues, first appearances, sketches, or signatures. I buy a lot of comics on a regular basis, but its purely because I like reading comics, and I’d rather spend my money on those than much else.

There is one thing, though.

Back in October, I went to New York Comic Con with my girlfriend. On the second day of the con, we were taking a wander around Artist Alley when we happened upon Roc Upchurch’s table. Roc is the artist on the brilliant ‘Rat Queens’ from Image Comics. At that point, the title was only one or two issues old, but Myself and my girlfriend were already fans, and when I saw that he was doing commission covers right there at the con, I jumped at the chance. The characters in Rat Queens all look great, and Betty is a definite favourite.

I went back later that day, and he pulled out the sketch cover you can see on the left in the picture below. The sketch is actually similar to the cover of issue #5, and I like that I have an original that is different enough to make it unique. On the right of the picture is the Fiona Staples variant of Rat Queens #1, signed by Roc and Kurtis Weibe, who writes the book, and just happened to be at Roc’s table at the moment we found him. The commission cost $90 (about £55), but when I saw it, I loved it so much I gave him an extra $20.


So now I would like you to #showmeyours. Whatt are your favourites from your collection?

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