Mug of Duff: The Futures Original Sin Ends

So as usual I’m a little behind on current events having only had the chance to read issue #0 of Original Sin and none of Futures End thus far.That issue was kind of cool in so much as it provided an interesting insight into the Watcher’s back story. Having said that, it’s not the first attempt at telling that particular story. The Earth X series took a different spin and showed the Watchers species basically cursed to watch over Celestial eggs as penance for interfering with their affairs. Of course that’s not cannon any longer but it does represent an earlier attempt at giving the Watchers a definable purpose.a

Futures end, I know very little about thus far other than the Batman of the Future being somehow involved. That was a damn cool cartoon but I haven’t read the comic so I’ve no idea at all what to expect.

What about you guys? What are your feelings on the big summer events this year?

Let us know!

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Article: Mug of Duff
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