Review – Rogue Trooper Classics #1 (IDW)

Gerry Finlay-Day
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Release Date:
 14th May 2014

So where to even begin with this one… OK try and picture a war movie like ‘Platoon’ but with a blue super soldier as the main character, and that is the crux of Rogue Trooper here.

It shows the grit and brutality of war ,like Platoon, only elevated into the science fiction realm with our main character – a genetically created super soldier who along with other soldiers like him fight in a far off future war. Gradually they fall, leaving him, however his teams brainwaves are stored in chips and from that point act as AI that help him in battle.

It is epic stuff here and deserved of the title “classics”, and the newly printed colors in this version really bring out Dave Gibbons action packed panels.

There isn’t really anything in this I can fault and following IDW’s Dredd Classics, it would seem that these IDW reprints were a canny idea.

Rating: 4.5/5.

The writer of this piece was:
GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Flashin’ Back!
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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