Review – The Field #2 (Image)

 Ed Brisson
Artist: Simon Roy
Release Date:
 14th May 2014

If you had knowledge of a way to do whatever you wanted, whether it be killing, stealing, or any other form of debauchery, with no consequences. What would you do? That seems to be the main drive behind this rather unsettling yet intriguing stories. But I think the fact that this is a question most people at one time or another have asked themselves makes it compelling and can attract a broad spectrum of fans.

The main character has amnesia and was found in a Field by a crazed lunatic named Christian. Christian claims to be a Bible salesman who has lived a “good” life and is the third generation in his family of wholesome Christian living Bible salesmen. He abhors swearing and blasphemes yet he seems right at home taking out a whole diner of people with a six-shooter and having no worries or guilt after. He claims to have found a loophole in his Christian life that allows him to commit these heinous acts knowing that in the end it will all be fixed. The amnesiac in the story is apparently the source that makes all the debauchery OK. There are a number of other characters involved from a biker gang called the Smoke Eaters, to a surprise team of individuals that show up at the end of this issue.

Ed Brisson has managed to create an interesting story, which involves many facets some that could offend, but only when taken out of context of the story as a whole. After reading the first issue I was a bit offended by Christian’s character but upon discovering more in issue 2 I’m hooked and want to see how this story develops further. There are a number or story lines wrapped into the main story and they are all starting to develop and become clearer. It seems everyone is after someone and they all have their reasons. The story is inventive in that multiple are playing out simultaneously and yet it’s not information overload that makes it hard to decipher the stories one from the other.

Simon Roy’s artwork fits the atmosphere of the story well. While his artwork is detailed it is gritty and chaotic at times but they compliment the story telling perfectly. There is a lot of senseless violence and blood, and the artwork flows and keeps pace well with the action-taking place on the panel. For a story that takes place a lot in just pictures Roy is doing a fantastic job.

It’s hard to judge a series by just the first issue or the first two issues alone; it’s like judging a movie based on the first 15-30 minutes. But then again if you aren’t hooked and captivated by the first two issues why spend the money? I can honestly say I’m hooked in. This story has developed well from issue 1 to issue 2 and the stories have captured my imagination and attention I’m ready to see what the Field will bring next!

Rating: 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: Shane Hoffman (aka “Hoff”)
You can also find Hoff on Twitter.

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