Under The Hood of Affleck’s Batman and The New Batmobile


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Alright so the internet is buzzing about the new image of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit. How could they not it looks great! Although with 75 years of history, Batman’s suit will understandably change based on the time period or advancements in technology or Christopher Nolan’s case a more realistic approach.

The suit this time around has been inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns saga; note the wide chest-mounted Batsymbol and the shorter ears on the cowl, which makes sense since the Batman vs. Superman announcement at SDCC 13 used Batman’s monologue after having bested Superman. The suit’s construction has pieces of Jim Lee’s New 52 design, notably the piping. The bodysuit has a cloth like appearance thanks to the weave pattern, which is supposed to be some kind of Kevlar. Kind of makes you wonder (no pun intended) if Wonder Woman’s costume and tweaks to Superman’s suit will have a New 52 spin on it.

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and Jim Lee's New 52 Batman.<br>Click to enlarge.

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and Jim Lee’s New 52 Batman.

Like all cars the Batmobile’s style has changed through the decades. The original teaser revealed a return to the original mainstream design meaning longer, leaner, low-profile at least when compared to the Tumbler; however, like its predecessor it has a set of heavy duty tires.

The image doesn’t show us the vehicle in full, but right away the cockpit is looks reminiscent of the Michael Keaton era complete with the rounded windshield and hatch, even the armor looks like the 1989 incarnation with the matte black finish. The colossal tires make the vehicle look like either a raised Batmissle or the Rocksteady Arkham Asylum Batmobile. Oddly enough Batman’s ride is consistent with the Batmobile in Smallville’s 11th season, which is in comic book format, or even the hotrod version (not sure which comic that’s from) everything from the lines of the car to the car’s suspension, which you can can see either in the reflection or through the smoke. Even the wings are aerodynamic but they probably can be folded either up or down.

Considering it’s a Superman sequel featuring Batman, it’s strange that our first look at our lead characters brings us to Batman featuring the Batmobile. So this move was meant to keep the momentum going for Batman’s 75th otherwise it reveals that DC relies more on The Dark Knight than the Man of Steel. Either way hopefully this means more set photos sooner than later (If I get to see a photo of the DC Trinity I’m going to lose my mind!), but keep checking in with the Big Comic Page for your Batman vs. Superman updates.

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