Zack Snyder’s Batmobile tease- What’s in store?

DC Comics’ has been busy getting their properties over to the small screen, which has sifted people’s focus away from the silver screen. Zach Snyder posted the following photo on Twitter with the caption “Could be time to pull the tarp… Tomorrow?”

batmobile tease

And in one move the attention back is back on the highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel tentatively called Batman vs. Superman.

The Batmobile has been through several redesigns in the past 75 years, but some features have remained the same, like the aggressive front grill. Although what we get here is just a peek at its back side, the new version sports a set of heavy duty tyres similar to the Tumbler’s design, but unlike its bulky predecessor, it has a long and lean low profile look. We can assume the car will have some kind of armor plating, and judging from the chassis, which we only get a peek at, this Batmobile can seat only one, so it might have a similar cockpit to either the Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, or George Clooney Batmobiles. The fins are another feature this Batmobile shares with its previous incarnations, except this time they’re both in the center.

Kevin Smith has seen Ben Affleck in the Bat-suit. During the Hollywood Babble-on Podcast, he mentions there is a [blank] influence to it. So we have seen something like it in the comics, but it hasn’t been adapted for the movies til now. It’s rumored the name he dropped in the podcast, which was bleeped out, was Jim Lee. In Batman: Hush the Batcave houses several versions of Batmobile, and with the Jim Lee connection, could it be one of them or an amalgamation?

I suspect it will be something like Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. A body style like Keaton’s Batmobile with the visual aesthetic from the animated series. We find out tomorrow, but until then what do you think it’ll look like? Do you think we’ll also get an unveiling of the Batman suit as well?

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