A Breakdown of The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Announcement

10155097_716228641756728_5635904622785286029_nWarner Bros. has announced the official title to the untitled Batman vs. Superman project, which is now known as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s a small but cool piece of news and we finally have an official title, but let’s breakdown what it could mean.

Oddly enough, Batman’s insignia overshadows the House of El insignia, considering this the Man of Steel sequel. However MoS showed us that Zach Synder is an artistic director, so its meaning could reveal a lot. In MoS we see why Kal-El/Clark Kent keeps his presence a secret, but now the world knows of his existence. By the end of the film Superman is a hero to some, but to others he’s a threat to mankind; he did level Metropolis in the battle with Zod. Batman’s logo overshadowing the Kryptonian’s could be a representation of the people’s fear of Superman, and the very hope he is trying to instill turns out to be doing the opposite, especially if Lex Luthor puts a polished spin on things.

Compared to the first MoS logo the House of El logo has seen better days the wear and tear could be a result of the inevitable showdown between the two DC flagship characters, or stated before the people of earth don’t have hope in Superman. Either way Batman has always served as the man on the ground as well as the intellect to Superman’s strength. While the most anticipated moment of the film is the battle between Batman and Superman. Their fights have always proved a greater point like Superman has shear strength but lacks the proper intelligence. Spoilers alert – Batman finds a valued ally and friend in Superman (a “Super Friend” if you are so inclined). As Batman test Superman’s mettle and assesses the threat he possess he will guide and shape Superman’s perception of humanity while Supes has the same effect on Batman. It looks like both of our heroes will be learning lessons the hard way.

Now for the piece de resistance, Dawn of Justice is an obvious reference to the beginnings of The Justice League. Does that mean Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot will only be cameos in this film? With Lex Luthor and potentially another villain in this story as well as Batman vs Superman this movie could end up being like The Amazing Spider-man 2 overstuffed and undercooked – if they try to do too much. Victor Stone A.K.A. Cyborg could end up getting an origin as part of the collateral damage from the fight with Zod or Batman. The New 52 has Cyborg as an integral part of The Justice League and a close friend to Batman. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson revealed Wonder Woman’s armor would be more “gladiator” like. So Diana will suit up, but what threat requires a league of superheroes?

Gadot and Fisher.

Gadot and Fisher.

As production continues we’ll start to see Zach Snyder’s vision take shape. One things for sure we need to start listening to the talent i.e. Henry Cavil when he name drops a character. An interview with him revealed that he wanted Cyborg to show up at some point looks like he got his wish or was well trained by the PR people. There seems to be a lot of bread crumbs being laid out in this movie. We’ll just have to wait and see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is slated for May 6, 2016. Tell us what you think in the comments otherwise these are the crazy musings of a Justice League fan. What are you most excited to see in this movie or even the long awaited Justice League movie? Who do you think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be… Darkseid maybe? He’s one of the bigger threats in the DC Universe that requires a team of superpowered heroes and heroines.

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  1. how about Cyborg become American Soldier that got his cybernetics from Lex Luthor to recovers from fatal wounds?

    as well Lex Luthor becomes Superman’s Archnemesis due to collateral damages that he inflicts during fight with Zod?

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