Expanded Universe: Drink!

It may come as a shock to some of you, but writing for the page isn’t my day job! for a number of years now, I’ve been a barman by trade, in a variety of different roles. From doing Silver Service, where I was encouraged not to talk to customers and speak when spoken to, to working for a globally known bar/restaurant that won’t be named, but isn’t “Soft-Pop Cafe”, I’ve learned a lot and think I’ve managed to make a nice little career for myself and i’m pretty damn good at it, if I don’t mind saying so myself!

So for today’s Expanded Universe, i thought i’d share with you some of my favourite geeky cocktails and drinks to get you in the mood!

The Incredible Hulk

Now sadly, I couldn’t find a picture o this particular drink, so instead, here’s one of the state I was in after drinking many of them! (I’m the one in the cowboy hat…) safe to say this one was fairly notorious during the QMU days in Glasgow.

messy, messy, messy night

Method: Built
Ingredients: 1 Bottle of Blue Alcopop (WKD etc)
3oz. of Vodka (cheaper the better)
fill with Cider (see above)
Result: Neon green pint of damn tasty, very alcoholic nastiness!







The Red Lantern

Safe to say this one isn’t for the weak minded! What with the Red Lanterns being the most hate filled Corps in the Universe, it had to be red and painful.

red lantern

Method: Built
Ingredients: 1oz Red Aftershock
1oz Fireball Whiskey
As much Hot Sauce as you think you can handle!







The Dark Knight

Some of you may recognise this one, or maybe even have had it before, but they way I’ve done it in the past, there’s been a Bat Symbol drawn on top. Definitely one for if someone asks for a “man cocktail” this one will keep you up all night, perfect for fighting crime?

Dark Knight

Method: Shaken, then strained into chilled Martini glass
Ingredients: 2oz Fresh espresso
1oz Coffee Liqueur
1 1/2oz Vanilla Vodka
Chocolate dusting for Bat Symbol on top
Result: A Smooth highly caffeinated martini with a dark side that’ll keep you up all night, and drunk!







The Black Widow

Safe to say this one looks the part, but in the wrong hands is very deadly — The vodka has to be Russian as well, of course.


Method: Layered over ice
Glass: Rock
Ingredients: 2oz Vodka
2oz Cranberry
1oz Black Vodka (layered on top)
Result: looks good, tastes better, hurts in the morning.







And that’s all for now folks — there’s many more drinks that can have a geeky theme, so maybe if we get enough comments back on this one I’ll share them! Until then though, always remember to drink irresponsibly, never drink and drive, and always tip the barstaff.

The writer of this piece was:
Chris_AvatarChris Bennett
Article: I Hate It Here
You can also find Chris on Facebook

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  1. I created a heap of comic book beer labels a little while back:

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