Edinburgh Book Festival gets ‘Stripped’ for a second year

The Edinburgh International Book Festival has published it’s list of events for this year, and have thankfully decided to continue with their ‘Stripped’ strand of events, which focuses on comics and graphic novels.

‘Stripped’ began at last year’s festival, with a huge array of events, talks, and workshops for sequential art fans of all ages, and featured big names such as Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Keiron Gillen, and Jamie Mckelvie.

This year’s Stripped comes with a lot less fanfare and a sizeable reduction in events – only 13 over the 3 weeks – but there are still some big hitters to be found. Charlie Adlard, artist on the massively successful ‘The Walking Dead’ will be making 2 appearances, one of which will be focussing on his ‘White Death’ graphic novel with Robbie Morrison.

‘Scott Pilgrim’ creator Brian Lee O’Malley will also be at the festival talking about his new title ‘Seconds’, and Mike Carey will be appearing alongside Isabel Greenberg to talk about his long-running series ‘The Unwritten’ from Vertigo.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival runs from 9-25th August. As with last year’s event, there will be a number of workshops and talks from various other creators. You can check out the full list of events at the festival website.

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