Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy 3000?

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Issue #1
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Yesterday it was announced by Marvel that the original team of Guardians of the Galaxy would be getting their own title–due this October. The ongoing series is to be written by Nu-GoTG alum Dan Abnett with Gerardo Sandoval handling pencils.

The line up at this time will feature: Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex, Starhawk and Yondu, and will see them again tackle the threat of the Badoon and that of reality itself.

With the success of the current incarnation, this seems like a smart move and way to expand the line, with a vast mythology of its own to draw upon. Personally, I can’t wait as I devoured the original volume of Guardians of the Galaxy–the diversion of the Marvel universe into a functional future and re-imagining of Marvel staples [like Wolverine or Doctor Strange] as legacy character used to really appeal to me.

But not everyone is familiar with the previous incarnation, with that in mind here is a small primer on the original team from Earth-691.

Core Team

Vance Asrto aka Vance Astrovik [later Major Victory] – a 20th century astronaut with mutant powers of telekinesis, He is awoken in the future after his test flight goes wrong suspending him in animation. Waking up to find much of the Galaxy conquered by the reptilian race the Badoon, he teams together with fellow freedom fighters along the way gaining the ancient shield of Captain America and bound in a protective suit.

He later falls for fellow Guardian member Aleta which causes lots friction with Starhawk [her husband], Astro leads the team in much the same way as Captain America led The Avengers in Earth’s past, breaking free of his protective costume–he then wears a variant of Cap’s costume and assumed  the name of Major Victory.

His Earth-616 version was briefly a member of The Avengers named Justice.

Vance Astrovik

Vance Astrovik

Starhawk aka Stakar – An enigmatic being with a very complex cosmic origin, virtually god like powers and a continuous life cycle–has at times been depicted as morally dubious. Marrying his adopted sister Aleta, the couple had three children but in a turn of events Stakar battles his adopted father and the children lose there lives afterwards, this causes the couple to split remaining in contact only as fellow team mates.

The couple are fused together for a while, inhabiting the same body with each fighting for dominance. The character would later prove an adversary of the current Guardians during an incursion across reality.



Martinex T’Naga – With Earth Colonizing other planets, Martinex is inhabitant of Pluto [from human origin], his physiology along with that of his people has changed from that of the original human colonists, to a more crystalline appearance which is highly resistant to injury and can also discharge hot and cold temperatures from his hands.

Of the team he is the truest scientist and is responsible for maintaining the crews equipment, he later decides to expand the Guardian remit by forming the Galactic Guardians.



Charlie-27 – A blocky powerhouse his strength and physical density are owed to being a colonist on Jupiter [an adaption to its gravity], Charlie-27 Shoots first and takes names later but tends to be inwardly guarded (similar to Ben Grimm in temperament), He forms a close bond with fellow Guardian Nikki.



Yondu Udonta – A warrior tribesman of the Zatoans, his planet is colonized by humans [superficially themed on Native American culture] the tribes retreat from contact with the human colonists. Being the first to encounter Vance in the future the two form the core of the team.

Like Hawkeye he has expert archery skills in addition to strong guiding and hunting instincts and is fierce in battle, later issues had him lose his had. The lose of his hand made him more relaint on hand to hand combat, though it was later restored. Yondu left the team to lead what was left of his species… though he would unite with the team when needed.

Notes: His crest/Mohawk is a solid and made of compressed hairs, He will feature in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie as played by Michael Rooker.



Other Notable Members

Nikki aka Nicholette Gold – The first female member of the team, was a survivor of the Badoon ravaged Mercury colony, she is found adrift in a lone spaceship and enlisted into the team, seeking to take the fight to the Badoon.

She later forms a close relationship with Charlie-27 which splits amicably though the bond remained strong, her fiery hair matches her temperament somewhat.



Aleta Ogord – Another female absent from the new title, she and her adopted brother Stakar share a forbidden love and sired 3 children, who are later abducted by her father thus leading to a battle which ends in the deaths of the children as their age accelerated rapidly.

She splits from Stakar and bitterly resents her father for the situation. Later in the Guardians run she grows closer to Vance Astro which is exacerbated by her and Stakar being physically bound in the same form. Each fighting for dominance, when either inhabit the physical plane their powers are a strange amalgam of the two, Though both are later separated.

Her main power is to turn light into solid states allowing her to create constructs [similar to that of a Lantern in the DC Universe.]


Aleta Ogord

Talon – Joining the team later is the cat-like Inhuman… Talon, a flamboyant and excitable fighter who joins their quest. Given feral attributes due to exposure to the Terrigan mists his dense claws can project, the character mutates a further two times during his time on the book.

The characters demeanor later changes greatly when he is crippled and rehabilitated, losing his zesty temperament for a more meaner outlook, this led to the team rejecting him.



Rita DeMara aka Yellow Jacket II – A member of the Masters of Evil in Earth-616 present day, she is given access to Pym particles and technology after stealing the original Yellow Jacket’s costume, after an incursion into the Earth-616 present by the Guardians–Rita joins them in the future turning her back on crime.

She decides to return to her own time as she begins to feel homesick but is killed by a possessed Tony Stark [then under control of Immortus].

Yellow Jacket II

Yellow Jacket II

Allies/Honorary Members

GalGac2r52rGalactic Guardians – A Guardians of the Galaxy splinter group, started by Martinex.

> Spirit of Vengeance – The future avatar of the Spirit of Vengeance.
Firelord – The former herald of Galactus, kept vibrant by the power cosmic.
Hollywood – The future version of Wonder Man, aged but still as powerful, his life sustained due to his ionic energy.
Mainframe – The Vision, living as a vast supercomputer.
Replica – A female Skrull, with the usual shape shifting abilities.
> Giraud aka Phoenix – A male avatar of the Phoenix, and Freedom Fighter on the planet Haven.

The Keeper – The Silver Surfer is augmented further with the powers of the Nega Bands.

Krugarr – A non-human [Lem] future Sorcerer Supreme, trained by Stephen Strange himself.

Woden Thorson – The son of an aged Sif and Thor, becomes the future wielder of Mjolnir after proving worthy.

Key Adversaries

The Badoon – The key adversaries to the Guardians of the Galaxy are the Badoon, The reptilian race conquered further and further planets in the Galaxy, including human colonies, thus drawing individual members of those races into forming the team.
Badooow4t24twsMichael Korvac – Vastly powerful entity and former Badoon Prisoner, a time travelling Thor helped the team defeat him… at least for a while, though he would reappear in the present. [See also: Avengers: Korvac Saga]

The Nine – A Tyrannical ruling band of mutants, descended from the X-Men [who had left Earth after years of persecution] on the Planet Haven, in the millenia since–the mutant gene became recessive leading to the nine being the sole mutants on their planet.

Rancor – A direct decadent of Wolverine, Leader of the Nine, Ruler of Haven and as violent as previous members of her dynasty, has the feral and regenerative attributes of Wolverine, with Sabretooth like claws.Ranc9u09u0oih

Victor Von Doom – Living within the skeleton of Wolverine, this eventually led to a violent conflict with Rancor and ultimately the Guardians themselves.

The Stark – A race augmented with Stark technology, every member has armor comparable to that of Iron Man.
star87y67uihbivjhMalevolence – Daughter of Mephisto, similar power set but more confrontational and less adept at trickery.

The Punishers – A violent Earth gang outfitted with the Punishers insignia and love of guns and warfare, without the code.

The writer of this piece was:
Gary Kane
Gary tweets from @Kanoclassic

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