Renowned graffiti artist SEEN’s comic inspired work featured in a high end London gallery

An acclaimed graffiti artist SEEN (Richard Mirando), when interviewed in The Independent claimed that after growing weary of how easy it is for anyone to simply do graffiti these days [with library’s of pre-designed fonts, styles, letters and tutorials available online] that he changed tack, and now creates works based on the comic characters he grew up with.

In the interview he said of his works “My whole life was full of comic books and TV, I would watch everything from Warner Bros to Top Cat, all the comics…“.

So far his Marvel and DC influenced designs [See: Below] have became highly credited in the art world, and are currently being exhibited at the Opera Gallery in London’s exclusive Mayfair area, other works that have been featured by the gallery include Picasso himself.

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One of the interesting things that this highlights is just where the distinction lies between comic art and more traditional art forms or street art [other than the price margin], that is if indeed there is a distinction?

If you are in the London area in the next few weeks you can catch his work at The Opera Galley between June 20th and the 4th of July.

The writer of this piece was:
Gary Kane
Gary tweets from @Kanoclassic


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