CW’s Arrow writers to take the reins of DC’s GREEN ARROW ongoing title

Green Arrow_35_53b55c581be547.45853743DC Comics have just announced that Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski – the producers of the hit TV show “Arrow” –will take over writing duties on Green Arrow starting from issue #35 this October.

The duo will be joined by artist Daniel Sampere (Trinity of Sin: Pandora, Batgirl) as we see Oliver Queen struggling to put his life back together after the events of Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino’s “Broken”.In an interview with LA Times Hero Complex, the pair were asked if this change would mean the comic starting to mirror the Arrow TV series more. Sokolowski said;

Without giving away too much … yes, some of our favorite “Arrow” characters will feature prominently in the comic. Though they may not necessarily be clones of their TV personas.  I think our goal with this comic is to make it an echo of the TV series.  It’s a way to bridge the two universes.  That being said, we’re not trying to make this “Arrow: The Comic.” That’s what the digital tie-ins are for.

This is more about cross-pollination.  How can we incorporate what is working so well for “Arrow” into the New 52 DCU, while at the same time, keeping what makes the original 2-D Oliver Queen so special. To that end, comic Oliver and TV Oliver have distinct voices and attitudes.  We’ll do our best to keep them unique. We really want to bring the old-school Oliver Queen voice back to the character.  In other words, the opinionated, liberal Robin Hood-esque hero that has fallen through the cracks a bit, both in the comics and TV models.

So, what do you make of this change, BCPeeps?  Personally, I’m a tad disappointed as I was a massive fan of Lemire and Sorrentino’s fantastic run on the title.  As always though, I’m willing to look upon this with an open mind providing that – as Sokolowski said – it doesn’t turn into Arrow: The Comic.

Sound off in the comments, folks.

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