Robbie Amell cast as Firestorm! Plus, clues the JLA is forming?!

10527316_10100111300561547_244095391932842534_nThe Flash pilot hasn’t officially aired yet, but we’ve already added another hero to the Scarlet Speedster’s ranks. Robbie Amell is joining the cast as Ronnie Raymond better known as one half of the team that makes up the superhero Firestorm.

In the comics, high school student Ronnie Raymond and physicist Martin Stein are fused together after a nuclear accident. Raymond is able to command Firestorm’s physical form while Stein exists in his conscience as the voice of reason.

The show will undoubtedly alter his origin to include the particle accelerator explosion, which is also responsible for Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) powers. Raymond is thought to have died in the explosion, so his return from the dead will stir up some drama. Considering he is Caitlin Snow’s (Danielle Panabaker) fiancé. Fans familiar with the source material know Caitlin Snow eventually becomes Killer Frost a “heat vampire” who has a symbiotic relationship of sorts with Firestorm.

10346446_10100111300536597_7097624328566588096_nRobbie and executive producer Greg Berlanti are reunited for the first time since The Tomorrow People got cancelled after its initial season. The series followed a group of young people who possess psionic powers, which makes me wonder if we’ll see another group of super powered individuals. Especially after reading Stephen Amell’s latest tweet:

This is totally speculation at this point, but could this be the beginning of the Justice League of America or an amalgamation of it? The Flash and Arrow existing in the same universe, which means Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and ARGUS are out there somewhere. We also have Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) aka Vibe working at STAR Labs, and DC’s New 52 incorporates Vibe, Katana, and Green Arrow as members of the league all handpicked by Waller herself. Obviously some characters i.e. Catwoman are probably out of the realm of possibilities since they’re using her character on Fox’s Gotham. Both Firestorm and the Flash are a part of The Justice League; although, I’m sure the writers will take certain liberties (like we see in Arrow) to rework the lineup in order to include or exclude certain members.

What do you think of the Amell cousins taking over the DCU? Is there a chance for a league of DC heroes on the small screen? Which heroes are you hoping to see included?

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1 Comment on Robbie Amell cast as Firestorm! Plus, clues the JLA is forming?!

  1. Hawkman needs to get his own show.

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