LEGO reveal SDCC ‘Guardians’ exclusive, Plastic Man minifigure also revealed!

Every year around this time, the team here at BCP get sad faces, as various comic publishers and toy companies reveal the various exclusives they will be bringing to San Diego Comic Con. We get sad because we can’t afford to go, and we can’t afford to buy the exclusives for crazy prices on the aftermarket.

Right now, my sad face is due to the ‘Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird’ set that Lego have as an SDCC exclusive (at a whopping $39.99!). The actual Warbird itself I could take or leave, but the Rocket minifigure included can only be found in this set, and features exclusive torso printing, closer in appearance to the uniforms of the Star-Lord and Gamora minifigures that Lego released earlier this summer:

Rocket Raccoon's Warbird

Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird

And if you’re more of a DC Comics fan, Lego have also unveiled the Plastic Man minifigure which will be available in the USA to those who pre-order the Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham videogame. The figure is currently exclusive to GameStop, but if you’re a Brit then don’t worry. Lego’s Iron Patriot minifig was an American Walmart exclusive, but Amazon UK offered him with pre-orders of the Lego Marvel Superheroes game, so hopefully someone will carry the Plastic Man pre-order bonus on this side of the pond too:


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