Lego unveils the latest version of the Tumbler, but the Batman and Joker mini-figures steal the show!

The Lego Movie taught us that “everything is awesome”, but when Batman is involved, everything is even better!  He’s always been a bankable name in terms of movies, merchandise and being the people’s hero, and The Caped Crusader turns 75 this year. To commemorate the hero, DC has declared 7/23/14 as Batman Day!

Lego has always been inventive with their sets, and comic book fans can choose between their DC and Marvel Superhero lines. To date the most accurate set based on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is set 76001: The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase. The mini-figures included are Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and Bane all modeled after their respective movie counterparts. Although fans wanted a Tumbler that was a bit more like the one found in set 7888: The Tumbler: Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise. In addition to the Tumber being oversized, fans complained about The Clown Prince of Crime not being based Heath Ledger’s beloved Joker. The Tumbler since then was made too small as a polybag mini-kit. Fans may not get to, “have their cake and eat it too,” but there is a compromise.

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On display at Comic-Con this year, Lego will have on display a Tumbler measuring 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide. The set has a more detailed armor exterior, adjustable flaps, and oversized tires. The interior console comes complete with “Intimidation mode” and the set also includes a tech sheet from Wayne Industries’ Applied Science Division.

But wait there’s more! For the first time ever, Heath Ledger’s Joker will be made available as a Lego mini-figure! Batman is also included in the set with a redesign that even Lucius Fox would be proud of. It accurately represents the suit used in Batman Begins based on the Nomex survival suit. Like the Joker’s suit though, the price point on this set isn’t cheap, costing around $199.00 USD. The 1,869 piece set will be available this September at Lego stores and Fans will be sure to complain about the scale being too large and the lack of a detachable Batpod, but at least it’ll be cheaper than the original set on eBay, which are over 200.

If you’re so inclined to have a version of the Tumbler that is mini-figure friendly, check out BrentWaller’s original design submitted to CUSSOO. Although it got the support needed to be considered by Lego, it won’t be made an official Lego product. You can however download the instructions from MOCpages.

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