Review – Lenore #10 (Titan Comics)

20140723-193544-70544155.jpgPublisher: Titan Comics
Writer/Artist: Roman Dirge
Release Date: 23/rd July 2014

Wham! Right in the childhood! That’s the basic impression I had after picking up my first Lenore book in what seems like an age.

Stylistically, Dirge hasn’t changed too dramatically. Featuring cartoony art alongside very adult content, Lenore is exactly what it used to be, fitting in nicely between JTHM and Bear as the books that helped get me into comics in the first place all those years ago.

However, one thing I didn’t remember from times past is just how gorgeous the backgrounds of the book are and just how spot on the comic timing of the book truly is! With full colour splash backgrounds that wouldn’t be out of place in an art gallery, teamed with a turd on a stump, the book ticks all the boxes.

If nostalgia is taken out of the equation though, the story still holds up and manages to fill that niche hole of a YA book that doesn’t hold back with dirty humour and good art.

Dirge continues to move from strength to strength, proving just how downright unkillable he is, and its safe to say he’s got this particular cynic back on for the ride, just before it reaches its end (?).

Rating: 4/5

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
You can also find Chris on Twitter.

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