Bricking Around: Lego Announces Set 79018 – The Lonely Mountain

Lego have unveiled their newest set based on ‘The Hobbit’ series of movies as 79018 The Lonely Mountain. Officially announced at San Diego Comic Con, the set contains 866 pieces, as well as 5 minifigs, and a large articulated Smaug figure. The Lonely Mountain will retail at $129.99, and is due for an autumn release, likely in Lego’s October wave. Read on for images, and opinions on the set.

REACTION: Okay, overall this set isn’t bad at all, but as BCP’s resident Lego nerd I have some reservations. First up, this set is really late in appearing. It is based on The Desolaton Of Smaug, a movie that was released last year, and whose other Lego sets preceded it by a couple of months. This isn’t a big deal, but this is the playset people would really have wanted when the rest of the ‘Desolation..’ sets came out.

Secondly, that price point is just too high. The excellent ‘Battle of Helm’s Deep‘ set from 2012 was the same price, was fantastic, and had another 502 pieces more than this. I’d be surprised if production and licensing costs have increased that much.

While it’s cool that we now get a big articulated dragon figure in Smaug, the figure itself kind of sucks. They appear to have detailed the loosened scale under his left wing in the printing, and facially he resembles his likeness from the film, which are both nice touches, but the legs really don’t look cool on this guy.

If you’re in need of a lot of Sand Green elements though, this set is the new place to go, and the minifigs feature different printing from previous sets, so if you’re a fig collector, you’re going to want this.

Pic Source: FBTB

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