News Roundup – DC Animated Future Projects and Bruce Timm Returns to DC Animated

The Suicide Squad has become a fan favorite thanks to Arrow’s second season, and fans will get a chance to go another mission with them in DC’s all new animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham, starring Kevin Conroy as Batman!

The official plot synopsis for Batman: Assault on Arkham:

Gotham is in great danger when the government assembles a group of villains — code named the Suicide Squad — and forces them to break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve top secret information stolen by the Riddler. Things take a turn for the worse when one of the Squad members (Harley Quinn) frees the Joker, who is intent on blowing up Arkham Asylum and Gotham City. Batman must use his super hero wits and strength to thwart the wicked plans of the Joker and the Suicide Squad. Set in the world of the best-selling Batman: Arkham video game series, this action-packed film takes place between the Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Asylum video games.

The movie was screened at SDCC 14 on July 25, 2014 and is already available for digital download, and will available on home video August 12, 2014.

DC Animated also announced three new projects in development for 2015: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Batman vs. Robin, and Justice League Gods and Monsters.

The video games aren’t the only ones who are getting canon material from DC’s animated department. Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox established a continuity for the DC animated universe leading to Justice League: War, which was an amalgamation of Geoff Johns’ Origin story. Justice League: War’s button-scene teased Justice League: Throne of Atlantis as a direct sequel/follow up. Comic book fans will are keeping track will recognize this is the same order of major story arcs by Geoff Johns that launched DC’s New 52 starting with Flashpoint, Origins, and now Throne of Atlantis. Aquaman will finally get his debut in this new animated universe and if he’s anything his latest incarnation e.g. Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench then general audiences members will be in for a real treat.

Keeping with the New 52 connection The Court of Owls will be making their debut in Batman vs Robin. The title suggests Batman will be pitted again his trusty sidekick, but one things for sure this won’t be an adaptation of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s storyline, but the Owl obsessed secret society will be featured.

Last but certainly not least, Justice League: Gods and Monsters – not based on the JLA: Gods and Monsters by Dan Jolley and Josh Krach – is all new original story is written by Alan Burnett. Sam Liu is directing, but there is one more name attached this project. Producer, Bruce Timm! No further details are available on this project yet, but we can trust the all-star lineup to turn out a great product.

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