Now that Guardians is a hit, here are 5 other “B-teams” we want to see

hr_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_46With the growth of the Guardians of the Galaxy from a the relaunch of the team in 2008 under DnA to a movie that has at the time of writing so far bagged “$193,319,081” domestically, As a fan it makes you wonder which other superteams, that are on the fringe will be next,

Wiith that in mind, Here is a list of five that could follow in those foot steps.

The list is of B-Team’s, the lesser known groups that may be part of a wider line such as Avengers, Justice League or X-Men (and for this reason will be excluding the much speculated about Inhumans) or operate completely independently as is the case with the Guardians.

It is subjective and by no means a definitive list, so if you agree with any or think other teams should be listed then sound off.

1) Justice League Dark

Damn that Guillermo Del Toro for dashing our hopes on this, although not titled as such the basic premise of Justice League Dark sounded to be pretty much present in that of“Dark Universe”–A DC project the Director-Producer/Writer-announced a few years back.

Unfortunately as with so many Del Toro projects this one appears to be in a prolonged period of gestation, and in the mean time [since that announcement] several of his other projects have escalated with The Strain now several shows in on FX channel [with a 2nd season confirmed] and Pacific Rim 2 getting the go ahead, In a recent interview with SHH at SDCC 2014–Del Toro said this was still going ahead and went as far as claiming the line-up would be John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Dead Man, The Demon Entrigan and Zatanna. The connection to NBC’s John Constantine was also denied by Del Toro, so it is likely this cinematic take on those characters will remain separate.

Similar to the Guardians (as depicted) there wasn’t really a grouping of Justice League Dark before a few years ago however with each character’s having their own weighty histories that tie in to the supernatural side of DC and in cases Vertigo,  clearly this could have a lot of potential. Personally this is one I want to see sooner rather than later,  Swamp Thing and John Constantine fighting unholy hordes for 2 hours… yes please!

Chances of Happening?: 2.5/5, The prolific nature of how Del Toro works and subsequent number of dropped projects (such as the rebooted Hulk TV series that was pitched a few years back) make this seem like there are even odds of this happening.

Justice League Dark.Click to enlarge.

Justice League Dark.
Click to enlarge.

2) Thunderbolts

Bad guys being made to do good, like the Dirty Dozen but within the MCU… It has to happen at some point right? With multiple iterations of the team revolving around that same basic concept, it would be hard to establish which one to go for: The main appeal of the original team was the reveal that they were villains led by Zemo where as the more recent starry version was composed of Antiheroes led by Red Hulk. The basic idea of the team is just too great not to mine for its potential, even a composite version of the team made up with characters who have “too much red in the ledger”  could pack in the fans.

Sony putting their foot in the door first with a villaincentric Sinister Six spin off movie (currently slated for release in 2016) could prove a good test of whether audiences would be attracted to a movie that doesn’t necessarily center around the good guy.

Recent comments made to Screenrant by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn who expressed an interest in the team as he rather candidly said “Thunderbolts? I will tell you, one time I was saying to Kevin [Feige], we were sitting on set together on one of the days he visited and I said, ‘You know, I really want to make Thunderbolts,’ and he said, ‘James, if Guardians does well you’ll be able to do whatever you want so we’ll see what happens.” hint that there being a strong likelihood of this happening. After all much like his team, the Thunderbolts are a little good and a little bad.

Chances of happening: 4/5, The fact that Marvel’s newest hot director mentioned the team, gives the idea of the Thunderbolts hitting the widescreen some stock especially when one considers how guarded Marvel generally are about prospective franchises.

The original Thunderbolts.Click to enlarge.

The original Thunderbolts.
Click to enlarge.

3) Legion of Super-Heroes

Residing a millennia in DC’s future, the largely teen based group the Legion of Super-Heroes face the biggest threats to Earth and the universe. Based on the legacy set by today’s heroes. In some versions they play a part in the molding of Superboy, in others Supergirl. They have also played key roles with the Flash and Booster Gold.

With a vast roster to call from of original and legacy characters, there are more than few that make for an exciting potential team line up. Staples of the team includes –Brainiac’s descendant– Braniac Five, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy.

However with the current slate of DC movies centered firmly around the Justice League and the present, It could be some time yet if at all that we see a Legion movie if at all, The recent series of the book set in the New 52 was cancelled after 24 issues in favor of Justice League 3000 and with a few sparse appearances across other media such as the recent animated feature JLA: Trapped in Time, a live action version in Smallville and a short lived animated series in the mid-noughties, the team still remain largely unknown outside of comic fandom.

Being set that far in the future would be a fun way of showing causality in the DCCU, with events set in the present changing that in the future and vice versa, the setting would be as alien from the status quote in DC’s movie universe as Marvel’s current cosmic venture.

Chances of happening?: 5/3000, With a dense and at time fractured back story and waning interest in the team not to mention Warner Bros/DC Entertainments current priorities, it is safe to say that it will still be a long time before this hits screens.

Honorable Mentions: Young Avengers/Runaways/Teen Titans, There are of course a number of other much loved teen groups with fantastic runs K. Vaughan’s Runaways being something original, Heinberg/Gillan having outstanding short runs on Young Avengers but it became difficult to choose and along with DC’s Teen Titans, seem as though they will inevitably hit that silver screen.

LegionClick to enlarge.

Click to enlarge. 

4) Fearless Defenders

Well there is already the announced Netflix team up crossover “The Defender’s” which is in the group in name only, most probably a play on the fact that Matt Murdock is a lawyer thus hinting at the street level nature of this incarnation of the team. It is understandable to see why they never went with the classic line up since that is logistically impossible, Hulk is tied firmly into Avengers (with some hints at a solo feature), Doctor Strange has been slated for a 2016 release where as Silver Surfer and Namor are out of Marvel’s control, with their rights held by Fox and Universal respectively.

An obvious expansion of The Defenders name, would be to make a  team based movie or show on the latest Cullen Bunn version of the title. It followed a recent rend of relaunching team books with all female line-ups [see: last years X-Men book] and had long time member Valkyrie joining Misty Knight, Danielle Moonstar, Warrior Woman and archaeologist: Annabelle Riggs.

The team are formed by Valkyrie as a new team of Valkyrior or shield maidens hence the exclusion of male teammates, the potential appeal of this could be to not only add a further team or franchise to the ever expanding MCU but also deal with the lack of female lead superhero movies as this would be at the core of this version of the team.

The biggest hurdles would be establishing the characters, after all Valkyrie has yet to appear in a Thor movie and with Jamie Alexander’s Sif being a key figure having appeared in both Thor movies and a full episode of Agents of Shield dedicated toward her–it seems hard to imagine that Sif wouldn’t get a more expanded role than having to add on the baggage of the role the Valkyrior play in the mythos, lest we forget Valkyrie’s exclusion from the films so far [Early concept art for Thor: Dark World hinted at an inclusion.]. It is also an safe assumption that Dannielle Moonstar who was largely defined by the New Mutants is bundled in with Fox’s X-Men option.

Chances of happening?: 1/5, This is purely wish fulfillment–As entertaining as the run was, it lasted just over a year (but I felt it had legs to go on further). Plus lets face it Hollywood still can’t quite nail down female led action/adventure movies, take the recent announced  Gemm and The Holograms remake as an example… that was made in as little as a month.

Valkyrie Concept art.Click to enlarge.

Valkyrie Concept art.
Click to enlarge.

5) Exiles

With Fox’s X franchises going all “timey-wimey” and splintering into multiple timelines (even with the steps to unify that in Days of Future Past) there is at least enough playroom there to make a movie based on the multiversal X-Men team. With a  roster containing members (largely mutant) from across the Marvel Multiverse, the original team consisted of alternate versions of Blink, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Morph, Mimic and Thunderbird. Later iterations of the team would incorporate the main Marvel-616 continuities Beak, Psyloche and Sage. Besides those you could draft potentially any other character so long as they exist within the multiverse,.

This would be not only a cool way of setting the team up for adventures in different landscapes in a Quantum Leap/Sliders kind of way but also allow for the introduction of different versions of the same character and could potentially serve as a full stop for any discontinuities between the X-Men movies.

Chance of Happening?: 0.5/5, Eventually within movies that have a shared universe (which is itself a somewhat recent concept) will have to deal with continuity, and with that all doors usually lead to a multiverse in comics, will that play out in movie canon?–But it seems as though Days of Future Past was itself designed to address any of these issues and with X-Force leading the charge in the next round of movies that expand the FoXiverse–it just seems hard to imagine Exiles being on any movie producers radar… I mean hell they can’t pull together fried gold like a Deadpool movie.

Roster of Exiles MemberClick to enlarge.

Roster of Exiles Members
Click to enlarge.

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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