Review – The X-Files: Year Zero #2 (of 5) (IDW Publishing)

XFiles_Y0_02-pr-page-001 - CopyPublisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Karl Kesel
Artist: Vic Malhotra, Greg Scott
Release Date: 20th August 2014

Agents Ellinson and Ohio’s continue questioning Dorothy Sears, Mr. Xero’s liaison with the Federal Bureau. It’s also made clear early on that Mr. Xero/Zero is not human; although, I don’t know if anyone thought that for a minute. While agents Mulder and Scully also decide to question with Mr. Zero’s current intermediary Dell Spoon.

The story in this issue seems thin and a bit circular. Mulder and Scully’s story doesn’t really go anywhere, it meanders a bit in order to use the flashbacks as a way to propel/foreshadow the rest of their story. Ellinson and Ohio have a more interesting story, which has me wanting to read the next issue, but the slow pacing makes the climactic moments anticlimactic. I’m worried when all is said and done the final reveal with also be underwhelming (hopefully I’m wrong though).

The artwork by Scott and Malhotra is still solid; however, the colors Mat Lopes uses this time around are more consistent throughout the issue but still distinguishes the past from the present and vice versa.

This five part mini-series is an Aristotle exercise in narrative structure. The first issue dealt with a lot of exposition, and this issue explores the conflict. Meaning the next issue deal with the complications, and after that is the part everyone is looking forward to the crisis/climax of the story, followed by the resolution. If I’m right, wait and see what the general consonance is on the fourth issue before committing to this story.

Rating: 2/5.


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