Review – Big Trouble In Little China #4 (BOOM! Studios)

BigTrouble04_coverAPublisher: BOOM! Studios
Story: John Carpenter & Eric Powell
Script: Eric Powell
Art: Brian Churilla
Release Date: 3rd September 2014

“I’m sorry, you’ve come for what?”
“Wang! We’ve come for Wang.”
“Sounds like you want Wang really badly.”

Do you think this is funny? If not, Big Trouble In Little China probably isn’t for you.

Unfortunately, you’ll be missing out in a real gem. It’s hardly a surprise though, given the talent behind it. Eric Powell *and* John Carpenter? Incredible.

Needless to say, the comic feels like the perfect continuation of the movie and not just because it follows on directly from the last scene.

On a mystical mission to save the life of his friend Wang (arf!) Jack Burton is perfectly voiced, with every dumb thing that comes out of his mouth audible in Kurt Russell’s laconic drawl.

Like the film, it’s full of ball-out action, gonzo humour and a fair dose of supernatural horror, but Carpenter and Powell are expanding on Burton’s character here too. A running gag over ye issue where he describes his ex-wives (vampire, witch etc) ends on a much more sombre note, making for a touching glimpse into the man behind the trucker cap.

If you’re a fan of Carpenter or Powell, you’re probably across this already, but if you aren’t, or even are just a fan of good comics, you need this in your life. Go buy it. Right now.

Rating: 5/5.


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The writer of this piece was: Andrew Stevens
You can follow Andrew on Twitter

1 Comment on Review – Big Trouble In Little China #4 (BOOM! Studios)

  1. I have really enjoyed these comics. The writers really nail the tone of Jack Burton. I like that they explain why in the movie he says nope to Margo when she asks Jack “Aren’t you even going to kiss her goodbye?” I look forward to each issue.

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