Marvel to publish anti-bullying variant covers in October

bullying-stomp-outIn partnership with STOMP Out Bullying, Marvel will be releasing special variant covers for seven of their titles in October, each with a clear anti-bullying message.

Talking about the decision, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said “The center of Marvel’s storytelling history is the eternal struggle between good and evil, with many of its greatest Super Heroes having to contend with — and rise above — bullying, in all its forms. We are proud to join forces with STOMP Out Bullying on its important bullying prevention awareness mission.  We hope that all our fans take a moment this month to educate themselves on the need to stop bullying among our youth by checking out the free resources STOMP Out Bullying has to offer.”

The titles to feature the variant covers will be Rocket Racoon #4 and Hulk #7 (Pascal Campion), Guardians of the Galaxy #20 (Stephanie Hans), Avengers #36 (Sean Chen), Inhuman #7 (John Tyler Christopher), Captain America #25 (Kalman Andrasofszky) and Legendary Star-Lord #4 (Paul Renaud).

The covers also coincide with ‘National Bullying Prevention Month’ and ‘Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention’ in October.

Take a look at five of the seven covers below;

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