Review – Days by Simon Moreton (Avery Hill Publishing)


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Publisher: Avery Hill Publishing
Writer/Artist: Simon Moreton
Release Date: June 2014

This is a collection of comics by Simon Moreton that are mostly autobiographical and mostly poetical. They are snapshots of his outer and inner lives and he draws with a dedication to linear, architectural clarity but with occasional mark-making to offset the outer perfection.

One comic tells of a move into a new neighbourhood with black, simple, crayon-y sketches that grow in detail as the neighbourhood grows. Then the people grow and age with a beautiful observation “Time is doing things to our outsides it doesn’t feel like it’s doing to our insides.”

Another about a move to a university in Cornwall where his loneliness is echoed in the buildings around him and the damage done to buildings by locals. This is a more of a traditional comic book with frames and narrative whereas the previous offering was poetic.

Some of the offering are simple thoughts with simple line drawings, some more complex and emotional with darker, more detailed drawings but all have movement and action captured in the cross-hatchings and space-filling. My favourite was ‘Summer’ which shows that a summer in Britain can be anything but. Moreton draws beautiful reflections in those puddles with only a black crayon (I am guessing Wolff’s Carbon Black…could be wrong).

This is a deeply personal collection of comics – moments that matter only to Moreton and you feel a little voyeuristic reading them but they are beautiful and if it’s possible to have simpler than simple in a poetic sense, then this book is surely it.

Rating: 4/5


You can grab yourself a copy of Days, priced just £11.99 from the Avery Hill Publishing Webstore.

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