Bricking Around: Helicarrier reaches 10,000 votes on Lego Ideas. We all cry.

Lego Ideas user YoSub Do’s MAHOOSIVE S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier submission has finally reached 10,000 votes. Just look at the thing. It’s beautiful:

Unfortunately, we all cry, because it is pretty much impossible it’s ever gonna happen. While simply stupendous, the model pictured above is actually a digital render produced using Lego Digital Designer software. The model consists of a whopping 22,694 pieces, and while Lego don’t necessarily shy away from large piece counts in their Ultimate Collector Series, the biggest to date is 10189-1: Taj Mahal, which weighed in at a comparatively measly 5558 pieces.

Lego sets tend to average around 6 to 8 pence per piece, or around 10 US cents. It’s known as ‘the golden ratio’ in the Lego community. It might as well be made of gold, because that’s close to £1400 you’d need to drop for YoSub Do’s Helicarrier, possibly more if you factor in the price hike that comes with licensed sets.

Nonetheless, even the LDD render is damned impressive, and we congratulate YoSub Do on achieving full support. We can continue to dream. Even if (or when) Lego gives the submission a thumbs-down, I’d like to see the LDD files made available for fans who have the budget to make this their own.

Check out the full Lego Ideas submission, along with loads more pics over on the Lego Ideas Website.

The writer of this piece was: AlavAlan Shields aka (Al)
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