Arrow adds another Flash villain to its ranks and… The Justice League?!

10516856_10100148183168507_6594179291116019108_nArrow’s second season is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, a series in which we were introduced to Central City’s Barry Allen who would go on to become The Flash. Well, it looks like Arrow has wrangled up another one of The Flash’s villains for their upcoming series – Captain Boomerang. Spartacus alum Nick Tarabay landed the recurring role as Digger Harkness (aka Captain Boomerang).

In addition to being a regular member of the Flash’s Rouges Gallery, Harkness has been seen as a member of the Suicide Squad in both the comics as well as DC’s latest animated feature film Batman: Assault on Arkham. However like all characters found on Arrow Harkness will get tweaked to fit into the already established universe.

Entertainment Weekly dug up the following on the character:

On Arrow, Harkness will be a former A.R.G.U.S operative, highly skilled in martial arts and espionage, with a deadly thirst for vengeance against his former employers.

Tarabay’s Harkness will be introduced in the seventh episode of Arrow, right before the two hour crossover event which will take place in episode eight of both Arrow and The Flash.

By the looks of things, The CW is about to introduce us to their Justice League featuring Arrow, Firestorm, the Flash, and the Atom.

For those of you keeping score, The CW formerly The WB brought The Justice League once to life in the television series Smallville, which included members The Flash, Green Arrow, Superman, Aquaman, and Cyborg.


Arrow has been adding a slew of names to its recurring guest star list. Matt Nable is the long awaited Ra’s al Ghul. Amy Gumenick of Supernatural fame has been cast as Carrie Cuttter aka Cupid. Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine) has since replaced Devon Aoki as Katana. Matt Ward was cast as Komodo. David Cubitt is stepping into the role of Mark Shaw aka Manhunter. J.R. Ramirez is coming in as Wildcat. Superman Returns’ star Brandon Routh is Ray Palmer aka the Atom. Karl Yune is Oliver’s Hong Kong handler Maseo Yamashiro. And Peter Stormare as the new Count Vertigo.

Arrow’s third season starts Wednesday, October 8 on The CW.

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