Dr. Tina McGee Returns to Central City!


Lighting seems to have struck twice for Amanda Pays as she will be reprising her role as Dr. Tina McGee! Longtime fans will remember that she starred alongside John Wesley Shipp in the original Flash television series back in the 90’s.

Originally, Dr. McGee worked for S.T.A.R. Labs and was a love interest to Shipp’s Flash. Although there aren’t many details about the new version of Dr. McGee, we do know she will be working for one of S.T.A.R. Labs’ competitors.

This is the second reunion set to take place in The Flash, following the news that Prison Break stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller have been cast as Mick Rory (aka Heat Wave) and Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) respectively.

Other guest starring roles in The CW series include Greg Finley as Tony Woodward (aka Girder), Clancy Brown as General Wade Eiling, Kelly Frye has as Bette Sans Souci (aka Plastique) and Robbie Amell (Stephen Amell’s cousin) as Ronnie Raymond (aka Firestorm). John Wesley Shipp is also signed to the series as well, playing Henry Allen or Barry’s dad.

In Geoff John’s Rouge War the original Trickster James Jesse (who is now an FBI agent) is pitted against the new Trickster Axel Walker – a teenager who stole all of Jesse’s gadgets. It would be a shame if Star Wars kept Mark Hamill from being able to role as the Trickster.

Hamill as the Trickster.

Hamill as the Trickster.

The Flash premieres on The CW on October 7th.

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