Review – Alex + Ada #9 (Image Comics)

Alex+Ada09_Cover - CopyPublisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn
Artist: Jonathan Luna
Release Date: 1st October 2014

As BCP’s resident sentient android (surprise! *beep*), I have a great deal of empathy towards the story being told in the pages of this curiously, quietly wonderful series.

After last month’s cliffhanger ending, it was always going to be intriguing as to precisely what happened next, what with Ada being out in the world alone. Her goodbye letter in particular is heart-wrenching (“I can love… and I can hurt.”), showing that she’s perhaps even more human that the person who aided her in become such.

Then, about half-way through this issue, there’s a fairly significant fan/excrement interaction that sees the remainder become a tense, close to breakneck-paced chase scene – in fact, it’s the closest that the series has come so far to an action sequence, and the fact that it doesn’t feel out of place is testament to the deft handling from Vaughn’s script, and Luna’s understated, clean artwork is more than up to the task.

It’s an issue of contrasts as well – sequentially juxtaposing Alex’s interactions with his co-workers, and Ada’s interaction with her fellow enlightened androids; the former becoming increasingly robotic, thanks to him losing Ada, and the latter becoming more human than you might imagine is possible.

As we’ve kept saying over the last few weeks, sci-fi fans are really being spoiled in the comics scene right now, and this is no exception. It’s perhaps not quite as essential as other titles that we’ve been gushing over lately, if only for it’s relatively niche appeal, but if you’re a fan of the likes of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Her, this has precisely the same vein of sci-fi DNA. Beautifully, lyrically told, it’s almost like my robot nanny is singing me to sleep.

Rating: 4/5.

RSavThe Writer of this piece was: Ross Sweeney
Ross tweets from @Rostopher24

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