BCP Pull List – 8th October 2014

Last week we debuted our new ‘Pull List’ feature, which a lot of you seem to have enjoyed, so we’re back again this week to share our thoughts on the comics we’re most excited about getting our hands on this coming Wednesday.

Take a look, and let us know what you guys and gals are itching to buy this week.

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Blacksad Amarillo HC (Dark Horse Comics)
There is a new Blacksad. For all your Spanish anthropomorphic film noir needs (in translation naturally).” – Sam

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Wytches #1 (Image Comics)
“I love ‘in the woods’ kind of stories and it just sounds like it promises a great read.” – Hazel

“Scott Snyder returns to his horror roots with Jock on art duties. Read that last sentence aloud and it sounds like planets aligning. I’ve been waiting months for this!” – Al

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Batgirl #35 (DC Comics)
“I’ll buy any comic with Barbara Gordon in it, but I’m massively excited by this. With so many dark and gritty (and awesome) Gotham-set titles on the shelves these days, there’s got to be room for something a little more fun and contemporary hasn’t there?” – Jules

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Punks: The Comic #1 (Image Comics)
“Really intrigued by this one. Never read it in its original online form, but it looks like a photomontage Dadaesque romp and it’s nice to see something a bit different on the shelves.” Garry

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Alien versus Predator: Fire and Stone #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
“Movies be damned! Given how frickin’ awesome Dark Horse’s ‘Fire and Stone’ has been to this stage, there’s literally zero chance I’m not going to be picking up the first part of Christopher Sebela’s AvP arc. Ariel Olivetti’s artwork is just the cherry on the sundae.” – Ceej

“With the first two mini series in Dark Horse’s Fire and Stone event kicking off in impressive fashion, I can’t wait to see what AVP has to offer. – Martin


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Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1 (of 4)
“This will feature two of Marvel’s more off-beat fan favorites, it will therefore be interesting to see whether the two characters and their tones gel together.” – Gary

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