Review – Cutter #1 & #2 (Image Comics)

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Publisher: Image Comics/Top Cow
Story: Robert Napton, Seamus Kevin Fahey
Art: Christian DiBari
Release Date: Issue #1 (1st October 2014) Issue #2 (8th October 2014)

Issue #1 Review…

Cutter opens with a brutal murder. An ethereal woman armed with gardening shears against a man tied to a tree. So right away, Cutter’s got me hooked.

Jeremy Samuels heads off to work leaving his pregnant wife behind. He is visited by cops, and told that 2 of his old friends have been found brutally murdered. Jeremy, at first, claims not to know what is going on but he asks his wife to get out of town and meets a friend to share information. It’s clear that he knows who is behind these murders but it’s impossible…the culprit is dead. And the hunt is closing in on Jeremy. And there’s a curious ‘ant’ tale to keep us guessing. It’s not a wholly original tale to begin with but the art is something special.

Despite the bright, horror comic cover, this story is told in monochromatic sketching and it’s beautifully done. It’s alarmist and dynamic – just witness the frame when Jeremy wakes from the midst of a nightmare and clutches at the air above him. And despite its sketchiness (I don’t mean that as a bad thing) it is also capable of beautiful detail. Have a look at the frame of the ant in the magnifying glass – the darkness of the ant reflects in a thumbprint on the glass. I absolutely loved it. Roll on issue 2.

Rating: 5/5.

Issue #2 Review…

Cutter (2) opens in familiar horror-revenge type territory. Stephen King fans should feel right at home. Jeremy assembles the town to tell them that long-dead Emily Higgins has returned for the grave to kill off those who did her wrong. Even the town’s meanest waitress, who is mean when she doesn’t get a good tip, is a possible victim as Emily must have ate at her place at some point. Yes, it’s a little tongue in cheek but all good horror is.

Every King character is there: the macho ass who wants to “f**k her shit up” for being angry at his long forgotten “mercy f**k”, the bible thumper who thinks prayer and punishment go hand in hand…and Jeremy is our decent husband and father-to-be. Or is he?

Everyone hide out at Emily’s sister’s place up by Sutter’s Farm and by some trick of technology they all agree to meet at a closed military/industrial base where ‘Emily’ has emailed as a meeting point. Unsurprisingly, the villagers become lab rats caught in the maze without the benefit of their flaming torches and pitchforks. ‘Emily’ runs them around and around and begins to pick them off.

The artwork continues to lift this comic above its typical storyline. The starkness, the dark, shadowy watercolours and the attention to detail make it a genuinely scary and engaging read. I am absolutely along for this ride.

Rating: 5/5.


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HAZHAVThe Writer of this piece was: Hazel Hay

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