Review – Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #3 (Dynamite)

AshHitched03-Cov-Francavilla - CopyPublisher: Dynamite Comics
Writers: Steve Niles
Artists: Nacho Tenorio
Release Date: 15th October 2014

Arriving at the enchanted graveyard, Ash, Sheila, and the Wiseman are confronted by a wall built entirely of human skin, and a horde of cowering Deadites. Undaunted, Ash forges ahead in his quest, descending into the murky depths seeking a confrontation with the imposing Faceless Man.

Niles and Tenorio’s expansion of the Evil Dead-verse has been one of my comic-book highlights this year. As a long time fan of the movie franchise, it’s great to see a creative team approach the subject matter with such attention to detail. After a more subdued second issue, the team return to top form, delivering a feverishly paced, action-packed issue. Throughout, we are treated to plenty of the franchise’s trademark slapstick violence, an abundance of gore, and pitch-perfect wise cracks from our put-upon hero.

Script is kept to a bare minimum, primarily used to propel the story forward. Instead, Steve Niles cleverly provides a suitable framework for Nacho Tenorio to work his magic. As before, he is able to brilliantly convey the frantic physical comedy of the films on the page. I really can’t praise his work on the action sequences or the superb character design highly enough. Case in point; the sequence in which Ash is reunited with a familiar face from his past in a reprise of one of the most iconic moments from the original Evil Dead movie. Each panel is perfectly weighted, and taken in it’s entirety, it’s a wonderfully constructed sequence. I simply can’t wait to see how the final confrontation plays out in the final issue.

The reverence for the source material is clear to see here, and with an creative team of this calibre handling the action, you can’t be a fan of the Evil Dead series and not pick this up.

Rating: 5/5.

MDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Martin Doyle
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