Review – Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #2 (of 4) (Dark Horse)

24673Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Christopher Mitten
Release Date: 15th October 2014

Warning: I may gush. This comic is bloody fantastic. In issue 1, we left Cal McDonald in the grip of a fear-stealing, evil-spreading weird, blobby baby and struggling to come to terms with the fact that he has turned into one of the monsters that he spends his life fighting. And he looks pretty cool for it too.

Issue 2 sees the residents of L.A. turn on each other. It’s a dark, gloomy, bloody massacre. Cal doesn’t know how to stop it all but knows that a war between human and monster is looming. Hemlock returns to take down Cal and his band of the undead. It’s a bloody, gore-filled issue, one in which we see Cal did up his father’s body for advice. Brilliant stuff. Steve Niles is the master of true, proper horror and there are a handful of truly horrific scenes in this comic that completely satisfy the ghoul in us. As Cal says, “We’re all potentially monsters. I think we’re all about to find out who is and who isn’t.”

Rating: 5/5.

HAZHAVThe Writer of this piece was: Hazel Hay

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