Review – The Goon: Occasion of Revenge #3 (of 4) (Dark Horse Comics)

21204 - Copy - CopyPublisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer/Artist: Eric Powell
Release Date: 29th October 2014

The final chapter in the previous issue made reference to a hidden noose; something or someone who would ultimately tip the balance of power in the final battle for Lonely Street. It would appear the answer to that riddle has been revealed, and unfortunately for The Goon and his cohorts, it’s one of his most trusted allies who may have unintentionally sealed their fate.

In the third chapter of this engrossing mini-series, Eric Powell delivers another compelling, yet agonizing tale of a tormented character hamstrung by circumstance. We are introduced to Kid Gargantuan – a peripheral figure until now – who is given the task of protecting a friend of Don Rigatti in return for hired muscle to assist in the war against the coven. It is revealed that the Kid is the illegitimate and unwanted child of a powerful senator, who has hitherto survived a life of desperate struggle, fuelled by a profound lust for revenge instilled in him from birth. A seemingly serendipitous turn of events give him an opportunity to fulfil a promise to his late mother, whose restless spirit seeks vengeance from beyond the veil.

The series hasn’t taken the slightest dip in quality with regard to storytelling, in both written and artistic terms, and I’ve gradually come to expect a visual feast in each issue. True to form, the story is gloriously conveyed in Powell’s trademark atmospheric style; sketchy pencils are emboldened by strong line-work, and sporadic use of colour is cleverly utilised to establish a connection between a character’s recollection and a subsequent event related to it.

Having now established background and motivations for a number of characters, it will be interesting to see how much of a bearing each will have on the final outcome. The central conflict that makes up the core of the overarching narrative has, up to this point, merely provided a backdrop for detailed character development, but it is sure to become the central focus in what promises to be an exciting, action-packed final issue.

Rating: 5/5.

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