Meet the cast of the Attack On Titan movie!

The last report on the live action adaptation of Attack on Titan revealed Higuchi Shinji was directing. Having completed the Subaru commercial with the recognizable giants. It was also confirmed that singer/actor Haruma Miura was cast as Eren Yager. The casting news has been divisive. Just read some of the comments in the last post.

Today we not only have one but thirteen character posters for you to feast your eyes on. This is our first look at the cast in costume.

Certain liberties have been taken with the property like the addition of seven characters specifically created for the film. But before you go screaming bloody murder, manga creator Hajime Isayama has been overseeing the project to ensure that the spirit of both the characters and show remain intact.

Like the series this film will be part one of two and judging by the large cast of characters we can expect this group to get thinned out as the Titans wreak havoc and chaos. Haruma Miura is Eren, Kiko Mizuhara is Mikasa, Kanata Hongo is Armin, Satomi Ishihara is Hange, Nanami Sakuraba is Sasha, and Takahiro Miura is Jean, Hiroki Hasegawa is Shikishima, Ayame Misaki is Hiana, Pierre Taki is Souda, Jun Kunimura is Kubal, Shu Watanabe is Fukushi, Satoru Matsuo is Sannagi, and Rina Takeda is Lil.

It shouldn’t be long before we see full length trailer but there you have it folks. What do you all think of the cast? Or you waiting for the property to get remade by Hollywood?

Attack on Titan is scheduled for the summer 2015.

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