A Subaru Forester commercial aired earlier this year in Japan [See: Below]. You might ask yourself why is that so special. Well for starters it featured larger than life characters namely the Titans from Attack on Titan. It was also directed by Higuchi Shinji a special effects expert who is also responsible for directing the live action Attack on Titan movie.

A surprising fact, the Titans were done using practical effects. Two of the three Titans were played by stunt people in make-up, which took nearly four hours to apply, using motion capture. The third Titan or the Colossal Titan as he’s known in the series was a “miniature” standing six feet tall. The cast and crew were under tremendous pressure to stay as true to the original source material due to the series popularity. The model is complete with anatomically correct muscles and ligaments, and took seven puppeteers to control it: one in the torso, one for the head, one for each arm, two controlling facial expressions, and one for the fingers in the left hand. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the final design of the Titans in the upcoming film will differ from their commercial counterparts’ but if this is a sign of things to come fans can expect something epic! Especially with creator and author Hajime Isayama onboard overseeing the project.

The details that have emerged about the feature so far indicate that singer/actor Haruma Miura has been cast as Eren Yager, and the script is being penned by Yusuke Watanabe (Gatchaman) and Tomohrio Machiyama.

Eren Yager / Haruma Miura

The movie is a Japanese production, but I’m hoping for an American adaptation if not only for the marketing of the Titan burger they released in Japan, now that is something I would like to attempt.

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The movies is currently slated for a summer of 2015 release.

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