New image brings further doubt on the identity of “The Man In The Yellow Suit” in The Flash

Stills that have been shared via CBM of an upcoming episode of The Flash would appear to display that the show’s version of Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom/Zoom is not Eddie Thawne (who was assumed as being based on Eobard Thawne) nor is it the mysterious (and slightly nefarious) Dr. Wells, as can be seen below.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Does the fact the 3 of them being in the one place rule them out then?, well yes and no.

Whilst I suspect Eddie was thrown in initially as a red herring “his names is Thawne, so he must be Professor Zoom?“, it is harder to discount Harrison Wells yet since we know he can time travel, but consider how crucial he has been in ensuring (almost obsessively) that Barry realize his heroic destiny, however this could be a ruse to bring about his own origin but then surely he would be younger if he could alter time like Zoom or indeed any of speedsters attached to the speed force, why play the game the long way around… right?

So could there be a third candidate and if so who will that be?

Zoom will be appearing in the show on the episode “The Man In The Yellow Suit”, which airs next week on The CW.

EDIT 4/12/14: The Trailer for “The Man in Yellow” mid-season finale of The Flash has now hit the net, check it out…

The writer of this piece was: GARYavGary Kane aka (GK)
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