The team behind werewolf horror Curse reunite at BOOM! Studios with BURNING FIELDS!


BOOM! Studios have just announced Burning Fields, a brand new series from the all-star creative team behind werewolf horror series Curse (which recently made it into my personal Top 5 comics of 2014).  The series, set to be released in January, reunites writers Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel along with artists Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer to weave a terrifying tale of a military operation in Iraq which goes badly wrong, unleashing unspeakable horrors in the process.

In an exclusive interview with Newsarama, Moerci gave the quick pitch for the series. “A serial killer is loose in the oil hotbed city of Kirkuk, Iraq. With tensions high and an oil operation to run, Dana Atkinson—former military investigator—is brought back to Iraq to catch the murderer before the entire region is thrown into upheaval.”

He also discussed the strongly held personal convictions that led to the creation of the series, adding “I’ve long held a strong stance against the for-profit model of armed services, especially in light of the many terrible things companies like Blackwater have done in Iraq.  In a way, Burning Fields was a book born of anger. I can hardly a remember a time in my life when my country hasn’t been at war, and PMCs are, to be, the perfect representation of why we’re there in the first place—profit.”

Daniel went on to talk a little bit about Dana, the main character of the series, “She wants fair and objective justice. She’s never been able to achieve that both in her former role and tour of duty, and once she returned stateside to Chicago. She’s bent pretty much to the point of being broken as a result. She has the kind of character that seems to trump her deficiencies, though – she’s staunch, full of resolve, yet vulnerable. She actually cares about the fate of the Iraqi people– she’s not just some hard-assed broad out for vengeance.”

Given my well-documented love of Curse, the announcement of this series is music to my ears, and you can bet that we’ll be previewing, reviewing and generally ramming Burning Fields down your throat from now until its conclusion.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

In the mean time however, feast your eyes on some of the stunning covers, variants and interior artwork for the series.  January can’t come soon enough!

[Click to Enlarge]

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