Hazel Says… The Best of 2014


Best Publisher – Image Comics

Stiff competition from IDW (October Faction was fab) but I am going to plump for Image. IDW consistently publish interesting horror comics that are also beautiful to look at too. They seem to hold dear horror and I appreciate that. Plus they published the brilliant Locke & Key, however 2 of my best of the year came from Image (Bedlam and Nailbiter) so that steals the prize.

Best Artist – Damien Worm

His work on October Faction is stunning and very few artists can make me love comics in the way that Ben Templesmith does, but Worm is right there.

Best Writer – Martin Stiff

The Absence has stayed in my mind this year and his skill in story-telling is quite superb,

Top 5 Series of 2014 (in no particular order)

Locke & Key by Joe Hill (IDW) – I am such a King/Hill fangirl that I have to include a Joe Hill comic. Wraith was fantastic and a brilliant comic accompaniment to his novel NOS4R2 but Locke & Key has it all. Great storytelling, amazing art, breath-taking concepts, an emotional ride of a story and some absolutely unforgettable characters.

Bedlam by Nick Spencer (Image Comics) – Enigmatic serial killer? Check. Lots of blood? Check. Brilliant writing? Check. Harmonious artwork? Check. Need I say more?

The Absence by Martin Stiff (Titan) – Amazing piece of story-telling with a haunting tale that has gored my mind.

Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson (Image) – Bloody, gruesome, sinister and just gives me the shudders. I loved this blood-soaked slasher comic.

Cutter by Robert Napton (Top Cow) – I love real-life kind of comics, even ones with a slight supernatural bent, and this was superbly paced, exciting and gripping. A short burst of brilliant story-telling.

HAZHAVThe Writer of this piece was: Hazel Hay

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  1. Nice post !! We recently wrote a review for Locke and Key! It means the world if you can check it out and give a follow, feedback. We also follow back :D ! Cheers, Trang

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