Five characters we still want to see on Fox’s GOTHAM!

[NOTE: Contains spoilers for the first half of the first season of Gotham]

Gotham is a city that needs no introduction, and the Fox TV show has given us a street level view of the notorious city, providing viewers with introductions to several infamous villains that will eventually make up Batman’s Rouges Gallery.

The midseason finale “Lovecraft” concluded with Jim Gordon being reassigned to Arkham Asylum, and the latest featurette introduces us to Dr. Leslie Thompkins (played by Morena Baccarin).


Batman fans know that Leslie Thompkins looked after Bruce after his parents were gunned down in “Crime Alley”, and is a trusted associate of The Caped Crusader. Gotham has previously taken several liberties with characters and their origins, and Thompkins is no exception to this as, in this version, she is a correctional officer at Arkham Asylum.

The second half of the season begins with the episode “Rogues’ Gallery” taking us into Arkham Asylum, and to get our imaginations fired up, here are our top five characters we’d like to see in this new chapter.

Honorable mention: Ian Hargrove

IMG_7191Hargrove was introduced in the episode “Harvey Dent” as a bomb expert that targeted munitions factories and their offices. Ian turned himself in to the authorities after his last job resulted in the deaths of two janitors. His brother John is convinced that Ian isn’t a killer and just needs mental help; help which Blackgate Penitentiary did not provide. Hargrove is used to break into Carmine Falcone’s vault, which as it turns out was a power play orchestrated by Fish Mooney. The episode ends with Arkham being reopened as a remedial facility for the criminally insane. Jim is going to need all the allies he can get in this place and their brief history would be a nice callback.

5. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham A.K.A. Black Mask II

IMG_7186He is the nephew of Amadeus Arkham the founder of the asylum, as well as the administrative director of Arkham Asylum. He’s an obvious choice as a character to include in the series even though we have already being introduced to Richard Sionis (A.K.A. Black Mask) in episode eight “The Mask”. In the comics, Jeremiah takes on the persona of the Black Mask II after Sionis’ death.

4. Hugo Strange


Next on the list is Hugo Strange. In the comics he had connections with Sal Maroni while conducting experiments on inmates from Arkham Asylum. In addition to being one of the many legendary patients at Arkham, he has also been featured as one of the psychologists on staff. Given his relationship with Maroni and Arkham, it would definitely make sense to include him on the show. Plus it would be a nice nod to one of Batman’s first recurring villains. He has also previously partnered up with the next villain on the list…

3. Jonathan Crane A.K.A. Scarecrow

IMG_7187Like Hugo Strange, Crane has been under the employment of Arkham Asylum as a psychiatrist specializing in the study of fear. Once he loses his job, he becomes a killer and it isn’t long before he becomes one of the asylum’s patients. In Doug Moench’s “Terror” storyline, both Scarecrow and Strange work together in an attempt to capture Batman. Gotham have previously listed Scarecrow as one of the many villains to be included in season one, but rumor has it that he will be a kid when he is finally introduced.

2. Lyle Bolton A.K.A. Lock-up


Bolton was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series as the Chief of Security at Arkham brought on by the Wayne Foundation. In his time there, he mistreated several inmates including but not limited to the Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, the Ventriloquist and Scarface. After losing his job, he becomes the vigilante known as Lock-up. Once Batman defeats Bolton he is locked away with the other inmates at Arkham. This character would work well for the series as a symbol of both corruption at Wayne Enterprises and vigilantism.

1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel A.K.A. Harley Quinn

IMG_7184Of course our number one pick is just as famous as the man who employed her. Harley Quinn was formerly an intern at Arkham as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. As a psychiatrist, she analyzed the Joker and eventually falls for him becoming his loyal accomplice. Like Lock-up, she was first introduced in the animated series before joining the rest of the super heroes and villains in the comic book universe.

Always associated with the Joker, Harley has made a name for herself on TV, in comics, and in film. If introduced on Gotham, fans will undoubtedly be wondering when the Clown Prince of Crime will make his debut.

These characters are heavy hitters in the Batman mythos, and all have ties to Arkham Asylum, allowing for a natural integration of these characters into this story arc. These are just our picks, but with the revolving door of villains housed at Arkham, which Batman villains are you hoping to see on Gotham?

Gotham returns to Fox on January 5, 2015 at 8 p.m. EST.

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  1. 1- A Harley Quinn’s appearence is very unlikely because she’s too much younger than Bruce
    2 – Richard Sionis isn’t Black Mask. Roman Sionis, Richard’s son, is the real Black Mask

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