Marvel announces Soule and McNiven’s UNCANNY INHUMANS!


McNiven’s #0 cover – Click to enlarge

The widely expected editorial shift in emphasis from ‘X-Men’ to ‘Inhumans’ as Marvel’s superpowered outsiders du jour at Marvel gathered pace today when ‘Uncanny Inhumans’ by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven was announced.

Many see the rise of the ‘Inhumans’ property as being directly linked to the fact that Marvel do not hold the cinematic licence for ‘X-Men’ films.

Another of Marvel’s most famous teams, in fact its earliest and arguably most iconic, ‘The Fantastic Four’ are also being affected by what’s happening in the MCU. Josh Trank’s eagerly anticipated ‘FF’ reboot, starring Michael B Jordan, will be in cinemas during the first time in the company’s history a ‘Fantastic Four’ monthly comic is not on the comic shop shelves.

There has been a lot written about these changes in priority for lines Marvel do not hold the movie rights to in recent months , so today’s announcement wasn’t exactly a shock to anyone. However, production of an ‘Inhumans’ title with the prefix most commonly associated with the ‘X-Men’ is still a quite surprising, and unexpected, move. I wonder if ‘The Amazing Iron Man’, or ‘The Fantastic Guardians Of The Galaxy’ will be next?

The writer of this piece was: Jimi Longmuir
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