Review – Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles #2 (Black Hearted Press)

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Publisher: Black Hearted Press
Writer: Gary Chudliegh
Artist: Tanya Roberts
Release Date: 21st February 2015 (Sunderland Comic Con – limited quantities only)

Following Mackie, Miranda and Dex after their first issue – an issue which saw the bounty hunter and witch team up to save the unknown masses from the Renco company – comes the eagerly anticipated second chapter in this latest Black Hearted Press series. While it’s not quite as action packed as the first, this installment still follows up nicely and keeps this story moving in the right direction; also managing to introduce a dark new mystery man, Salem.

I definitely feel that Chudleigh is onto a winner with this title, as there are just so many interesting avenues it can go down as the series continues. The fact that he confirmed in an interview at last year’s Glasgow Comic Con that there is a long road ahead for this book only adds to that sense of excitement. This second issue its a bit like the Walking Dead, style-wise, in that not a lot necessarily happens, but we are introduced to a new character and the story becomes more complex with the distinct feeling that everything we’re experiencing is leading to something bigger.

Tanya Roberts is the real witch in this story – her art is simply amazing! The colours, the cartoonish style and amazing facial expressions cement this story and bring everything together! As much as I admire Chudleigh’s writing chops, I don’t think this book would be half as good without Tanya’s influence. Simply put, this is a creative partnership that just plain works for me.

Roll on issue three!

Rating: 4/5.

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