Peter Milligan brings BAD COMPANY back to 2000AD in a “fitting tribute” to Brett Ewins.

22000 AD have  announced that Peter Milligan will be returning to Bad Company – the series he co-created alongside Jim McCarthy and the late Brett Ewins back in 1986 – in what he hopes to be “a fitting tribute to a man without whom Bad Company would never have been what it was”.

The brand new Bad Company story, entitled “First Casualties”, will debut in 200AD’s Prog 1950 in September, and will feature pencils by Tank Girl’s Rufus Dayglo and inks by McCarthy.

Peter Milligan said: “Since I began writing my new Bad Company story, anyone who’s connected with 2000 AD has probably heard the sad news of the death of Brett Ewins, penciller and vital component of the original Bad Company team. Brett was a great artist and a great friend and this story has become something of a homage to his memory. If that puts more pressure on us to produce a new story that lives up to the Bad Company name so be it. FIRST CASUALTIES is a surprising tale, revealing new truths about Bad Company and their world, and also saying something about our own world.”


2000 AD Editor Matt Smith added: “It’s very exciting to see Peter return to 2000 AD after a thirteen-year absence, writing one of his signature creations, though of course the shadow of Brett’s passing means the strip will be as much a tribute to the great artist’s work as it is a new chapter in the story of Kano and co. Rufus Dayglo, a long-time friend of Brett’s, will be handling the pencils and with original series inker Jim McCarthy on board, we’ll hope to maintain the manic energy and dark, hallucinogenic quality of previous Bad Company stories. It’s incredible to think that it’ll be 30 years in 2016 since the first episode was published in Prog 500, and the characters remain as strong and vibrant as ever.”


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