Review – TMNT Ghostbusters TP (IDW Publishing)

tmnt-ghostbusters-covPublisher: IDW Publishing
Writer(s): Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz
Artist: Dan Schoening
Release Date: 8th April, 2015

Being a massive fan of both Ghostbusters and the IDW series, and having missed out on this crossover the first time round, I couldn’t wait to read this one – and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed.

Although the main focus of the crossover is the TMNT meeting the Ghostbusters, the action and dialogue are both very well balanced with neither group being overly preferred and both being given their own moments to shine, something that can be clearly attributedĀ  to the excellent writing of Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz.

Full disclosure, I haven’t really been interested in IDW’s TMNT series to this point, but if the writing is of a similar quality then I will definitely be going back and taking a look at it.

The art by Dan Schoening was great as usual. The TMNT were depicted in a similar style to Ghostbusters when they crossed dimensions, with Luis Delgato getting the colours to fit the scenes perfectly.

The plot is the usual crossover affair with a villain of one team causing trouble for the other, forcing the team-up. If it wasn’t for the great characterisation and dialogue, this could have quite easily have been discarded as yet another crossover cash cow.

As with the recently-finished Ghostbusters series, there were also multiple Easter eggs here including the Rat King from TMNT and a homage to Krang’s dimensional teleporter from the 1980’s cartoon series. The story also answered a question I always had about Ghostbusters – why do they keep all their research/library in books as opposed to computers?

Overall, this is a truly great book that I highly recommend any TMNT or Ghostbusters fan to pick up.

Rating: 5/5

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The writer of this piece was: David Gladman

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