Review – The Legacy of Luther Strode #1 (Image Comics)

LegacyofLutherStrode_01-1Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colouring: Felipe Sobreiro
Released: 8th April 2015

Luther Strode. He’s a big lad eh? I’ve been waiting for a new Luther Strode comic for ages and here it is in all its bloody, violent and muscle bound glory and it doesn’t disappoint. If you’re not familiar with Luther Strode let me fill you in. The Strange Talents of Luther Strode opens with Luther, in a bid to bulk up his geeky teenage frame, ordering an exercise course from the back of an old comic book.  What he gets is an instruction manual from an ancient murder cult turning him into the ultimate killing machine. In the process he loses everything he loves including his mother and his best friend and attempts to commit suicide to save the girl he loves, Petra. In the second outing for Luther (The Legend of Luther Strode), unable to die through conventional methods, Luther uses his talents to fight the evil men in his city. He has become a legend throughout the ranks and someone from the cult is out to trap him, bind him in order to “save him”. Much violence occurs and, not to give too much away, it ends with a bloody showdown in a Mall. Luther swears to hunt down his kind and destroy them.

The Legacy of Luther Strode opens where we left off in Legend. Luther and Petra have been arrested after the Mall massacre and make their escape. Five years later they are living in a forest and waiting for more of his kind to show their faces. The relationship between Luther and Petra is brilliant. I absolutely love reading their dialogue. Petra is the foul mouthed, sarcastic, gun loving mentalist to Luther’s relatively calm, tortured soul. They have become this sort of weird superhero team, Luther trying to come to terms with what he is and what he can do and Petra, well, mostly getting in the way. Always with the best of intentions though.

Luther Strode is a fast paced, violent gore fest with a heart. Jordan’s dialogue with Moore’s art and Sobreiro’s colouring makes for a wonderful page turner. The colouring in particular is outstanding. The use of blue hues in the opening pages to indicate the events of five years ago really works.  Also, the use of the large horizontal panels during the chase scenes in this issue really convey the power of Luther and his kind and the lengths at which he will go to in order to save Petra.

I am really saddened to learn that these issues are the last outing for Luther Strode. I’ve really enjoyed watching Jordan’s characters and story develop. On the other hand, I’m very excited to see how Jordan intends to end Luther and Petra’s journey.

The Legacy of Luther Strode #1 is a definite return to form for Jordan and his team. It’s a blood soaked love story that will leave you feeling all fuzzy inside while also aware that Luther could punch a hole in your face.

Rating: A solid 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: Cat McGlinn
Cat Tweets from @LibraryCat10.

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