Review – The Tithe #1 (Image Comics)

TheTithe_01-1Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Rahsan Ekedal
Release Date: 15th April, 2015

So… did you guys know what a tithe was? I didn’t. Until my boyfriend told me (smart arse) and then I looked it up and it basically means; a portion of one’s annual income, or a tenth, contributed voluntarily for the support of clergy or church. It helps to know this when you start to read this comic. Anyhoo. Little bit of background knowledge for ya there. You’re welcome.

The story starts out with a hacker group known as Samaritan robbing a megachurch of 2 million dollars and during the high tech heist revealing to the trusting congregation just how corrupt their Pastor is and just where their money is going. Samaritan only steals from fraudulent churches and then gives the money to charity. Like a modern day Robin Hood if you will. The difference with this heist is that it is the first time they have robbed a church on site rather than hacking the funds electronically. Enter the FBI.

We meet Agents Dwayne Campbell and Jimmy Miller. One is a southern Baptist family man, the other a young hacker atheist who admires what Samaritan is trying to do. See what Hawkins has done here? The Christian and the non-believer investigating religious crime. Clever.

I like this comic. End of review. Kidding. Not about the liking it part. As a first issue it flows really well. Some first issues are guilty of trying to pack too much in and the story can get lost in translation, but Tithe doesn’t suffer from this at all. It’s a very interesting topic and it looks great. I particularly love the stained glass window effect cover.

Good guys! Bad guys! Cool heists! Religion! Overall, it’s just a damn good story. Looking forward to #2. Well done guys.

Rating: A blessed 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: Cat McGlinn
Cat Tweets from @librarycat10

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