ComixTribe to bring UK hit EXIT GENERATION to the direct market this summer!

25b5d283-a831-468e-b398-d9d91423ae7f - CopyFollowing on from their phenomenal success with And Then Emily Was Gone, ComixTribe have just announced that they will be bringing Sam Read and Caio Oliveira’s Exit Generation to the direct market this September!

Set in a near future, where a sudden depopulation of Earth has resulted in a comfortable but dull utopia, Exit Generation follows a bored punk named Jack, who is thrust suddenly into the unlikely role of savior when hungry aliens snatch his nearest and dearest.

“Exit Generation has sold better than Saga for us,” said Jared Myland of OK Comics in Leeds, a shop short-listed for the Spirit of Retail Eisner Award in 2014. “In fact it’s only been outsold by Batman and Amazing Spider-Man. It’s our best selling self published comic, ever.”

We’ve been championing this particular title since its inception here on the Big Comic Page, and to say that we’re thrilled that so many people around the world are going to get a chance to experience this one would be a major understatement.

Also, in an intriguing addition, the direct market release of Exit Generation will feature a four-part interlocking cover variant from by the most dangerous man in comics, Joe Mulvey (SCAM.)

Concept art for Joe's cover. Click to enlarge.

Concept art for Joe’s cover.
Click to enlarge.

ComixTribe has announced that teaser images, previews and more will be posted at the new EXIT GENERATION Facebook Page in anticipation of the series’ release later this summer, so expect us to keep ramming this one down your collective throats until its release.

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