Team BCP break down Avengers: Age of Ultron (part one)

Currently storming the box office Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel was seen by most of the team here, In keeping with the breakdown we did last month with Netflix’s Daredevil series we decided that rather than just giving one reviewer’s opinion on the film we’d throw the topic open to the entire might of the BCP Roster.

Sitting down for a round table chat about the series, we assembled the team to discuss the issues brought up in the film such as the vast array of debuting characters within the series to everyone’s favorite scene.

And here’s how the conversation went;

Gary: So, after having seen the film what were your overall thoughts on it?

Greg:  I liked it, good mix of pace and action, story was solid but there are a few scenes I’d have liked to see.

Chris J: I loved it overall, I was exceptionally happy that Hawkeye got another dimension (although it was a tad cheesy). However after watching daredevil and winter soldier before it, I felt it could have been a little darker.

There were quite a few quips and one liners, as though Whedon was scared to take it to a more serious place. As such I feel Ultron lost out on being as sinister as he could have been. But still an enjoyable movie… although after the marathon I was a little cross-eyed.

Andrew:  I loved every bit of it, but it felt bizarrely paced at times. It also missed out on being a true “Empire Strikes Back” for the series as the ending was neither too downtrodden or upbeat; likely saving the real payoff for Captain America: Civil War.

Chris B:  Amazing, though there was a fair bit of plot missing but hopefully that’ll be saved for an extended edition?

As a last Whedon film, it was perfect. There was humour, loss and one liners.

David: I really liked it but I thought Stark and Cap were too friendly towards the end of the movie. The antagonism between the two had subsided.

I also feel that they didn’t really know what to do with hulk so have decided to send him away (but not do Planet Hulk). I think the pacing was good if a little weird at some points. I am also not sure about Quick Silver’s accent, I excepted to say “Very Niiicce” at some point.

I’ll be interested to see the Directors Cut when the Blu-Ray is released. Hopefully Ultron feels more of a threat. While I did enjoy it the film didn’t feel like the end of chapter as the original did

Ross: I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I really loved it – whilst it doesn’t quite dethrone The Winter Soldier as ‘bestest Marvel movie ever!!‘, it was such gleeful fun, and was saturated with such a vast number of tiny, wonderful details, that it was really hard to not get swept up by it.

The only thing I can really think of to criticise is that there was so much jam-packed in there that it felt a little rushed, and if the Director’s Cut everyone’s been mentioning is indeed in the works, that can only help matters. As it stands, it’s not the most welcoming of MCU movies to newcomers, but at this stage… are there really any newcomers left out there?!

Laurence: It was a step down from the original. The CGI work especially at the beginning during the Baron von Strucker raid was just terrible. Thor looked as fake as Neo did in the Matrix Reloaded once he starts running circles around the Agent Smiths. Joss’ focus was on the larger set pieces this time around and the story that knits it all together just wasn’t strong enough. The Hawkeye family stuff felt really forced, Nick Fury literally just shows up when it’s the most convenient.

The movie does also does a lot of setup for future solo movies but shifted around a bunch of pieces on the board. I’m not a fan of the organic metal like Ultron’s lips or even Vision’s look even though he was another fun addition to the team. If I had to stick on a rating I would give it 3.5 out of 5.

Gary: So speaking of loss lets talk about the elephant in the room, what were your reactions to Age of Ultron’s “Coulson” moment?

Greg: I thought they killed the wrong one, personally I felt it should have been Hawkeye or even if the teased with Fury telling Scarlet Witch that he was “away to a magical place“.

Ross: It certainly carried the usual Whedon ‘no-one you love is safe’ impact, his closing remark was pitch perfect. Though I reckon he’ll stay dead.

On the one hand, yeah that’s a bit of a shame, because Aaron Taylor-Johnson was actually pretty good, unplaceable accent and all, and it’s our first real taste of the speedster archetype in the MCU proper; but on the other, it means they don’t have to address the incestuous elephant in the room.

They’re thinking of the children, y’see?

Chris B: Loved it. Also don’t think he’s dead, we didn’t see the funeral/body. Think Scarlett Witch, along with visions gem will bring him back. “You didn’t see that coming” was perfect though. I sure didn’t.

Laurence: Unfortunately we don’t get to keep Quicksilver he would could have been a lot more interesting if they kept him around. It also sucks for Aaron Taylor Johnson that the Days of Future Past version (played by Even Peters) was a lot more enjoyable/memorable.

Chris J: I had heard rumours before going that it was going to be Hawkeye and that coupled with the lovely addition of the perfect family. I was honestly expecting him to die.

I quite liked it to be honest!

… What about David’s comments about the rift (or lack there of) between Stark and Rodgers?

Greg:  It definitely laid the foundations of the rift. You can see Stark taking responsibility for his actions and doing what he genuinely feels is right, but Cap is just Cap so wants to save the day. It will always be his default, he volunteered for everything.

Ross: I think it kinda worked that they were still buddies at the end, and I can’t really see how making them more antagonistic will help set up Civil War. Fundamentally, the disagreement is on a single point on which they are diametrically opposed – you don’t need them at each-other’s throats right now to make that happen. As it stands, when the rift does happen, it’s set to be a hugely impactful moment, particularly for people who aren’t familiar with how the Civil War went down in the comics.

Gary: Well tieing to points together, Chris B mentioned the directors cut (Whedon has said three-hour-plus) and your point David about Cap’s lack of hostility with Tony, could that add any more dimension to their rift?

David: Yeah I think it will. I don’t know where they can add the extra time though.

Chris J: I would definitely like to see more.

Laurence: I’d be interested in seeing the original cut of the movie (3+ hours and alternate ending) to see if there was a lot more context and fleshing out of ideas/stories/and characters.

David: The only places I can see any extensions is at the farm, Vision intro, Selvig and the fights. Though I don’t think that would an hours worth.

Gary: Interesting, I Just found out that Loki was cut out of the film.

David:  Also I’m sure Idris Elba said that Odin would be appearing. Anyway I didn’t think Hawkeye would die. It was plain to see. I’m disappointed Banner was constantly brow beaten by Stark. In the comics (especially recently) they have been antagonistic.

Gary: We’ve touched on some of them slightly but what did everyone think of the new additions to the films?

Greg: All awesome, loved Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch is awesome and the the intake of breath everyone in my screening did when Vision lifted Mjolnir was amazing.

In all honesty, I now have a massive crush on Elizabeth Olsen! Just Wow!

Laurence: James Spader was a great choice for Ultron but I’m really sick of characters like Baron Von Strucker nd Daniel Whitehall. Who are set up to be big bad villains only to serve no real purpose and die meaningless deaths.

Gary: To draw this first part to an end, What would you personally say is the best scene in the movie?

Greg: That is a difficult question to answer, but I would say it is a toss up with Hulkbuster or the end fight.

David: Yeah I would agree with that assessment.

Chris J: Nope, best scene is Hawkeye trying to give the Scarlet Witch a pep talk. “We’re being attacked by killer robots, i have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense!“.

Chris B : Motherfu**ing Hulkbuster armour!

PART TWO will be coming shortly as the team breaks down how they see the film among Marvel’s MCU output so far, Whedon’s legacy on the series and the current state of the team as of the film ending. So be sure to join us again for that.

Do you agree with what the team had to say?  Let us know in the comments or through Facebook.

The writer of this piece was:
Gary Kane
w/ Greg Watt, David Gladman, Andrew Stevens, Chris Jobson, Laurence Almalvez and Chris Bennett.

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