Ceej Says… Midnight Man: Bullet Time review 

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Publisher: Bad Mother Publisher
Writer: Mo Ali
Artist: Andy Bloor
Release Date: On sale NOW!

From the very first page, it’s fairly evident that Midnight Man – a self-published release from writer Mo Ali and artist Andy Bloor – isn’t exactly going for the ultra-serious approach. Case in point: we join the story in media res as our time-travelling vigilante finds himself plummeting from the top of Big Ben while being chased by a possessed American Civil War horse.


It’s clear that Bloor and Ali are having an absolute blast here, bouncing the titular wise-cracking, snarky antihero from one bizarre locale to another at an almost A.D.D. pace. From tropical jungles to Bladerunner-esque dystopian futurescapes, Midnight Man’s quest for the sinister ‘Chronosazi’ takes him on a merry ride through the timeways and provides ample opportunity for him to dole out his distinctive brand of violent temporal ‘justice’.

Ali gives a distinctly Deadpool vibe to his lead character, with a cockiness born from an impressive power-set and a fairly irreverent sense of humour to boot. The character himself is undoubtedly the strongest aspect of the book, which is somewhat fortunate given the fact that gloriously bonkers storyline can be a little difficult to follow in places. Almost by design, we’re kept continually disoriented throughout the course of the story, never being given much in the way of background for Midnight Man himself, or for the nefarious cabal he’s hunting down. To be honest though, the pace is enjoyable enough, and sometimes it’s fun to simply immerse yourself in the chaos and spectacle of a comic without having to give things too much unnecessary thought.

Speaking of spectacle, Andy Bloor’s wonderfully frantic artwork really adds to the sense of chaotic energy throughout this issue. Like Ali, he has clearly embraced the bonkers approach and style of this title, and throws in some brilliant visual set pieces and dramatic moments along the way. Unfortunately however, much like the writing, Bloor’s artwork can occasionally be a little difficult to follow, with an erratic flow that takes a little time to get used to. Don’t get me wrong, taken in isolation his panels are truly superb, with dynamic, detailed characters and a high level of technical skill, but the linking from one panel to another can occasionally be a little uneven, making several of the action scenes more challenging than they needed to be.

Overall however, this is a genuinely fun read with an engaging protagonist and some brilliant visuals, and while I found myself putting down the comic knowing almost exactly as much about the character as I did when I picked it up, Midnight Man’s crazy, violent, time-travelling crusade is still well worth the cover price. Plus, any comic that features the lead character exclaiming “Monkeyballs!” as he falls from a giant dragon-shaped holographic hard drive is well worth a few quid of anyone’s money, right? Right?!

You can grab yourself a copy of Midnight Man: Bullet Time from the team’s Big Cartel Store, priced just £4.

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