Review – The Wicked + The Divine #11 (Image Comics)

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writers: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson
Released: 3rd June, 2015

As The Wicked + The Divine rounded off an even ten issues, the lore of the series has become deeper and deeper, with small hints aiding the attentive reader in their attempts to decode it all. Moving forward from last issue’s revelation that Lucifer’s assassination may not have been a grand conspiracy, but rather the work of opportunists, the series has now perhaps threatened the notion that the explanations won’t necessarily be as grand as we want them to be.

However, with a disturbing and amazing cover showing Lucifer’s decapitated neck and bloody shoulders, I couldn’t help but fee that there must be more to come and, quite frankly, Kieron Gillen has never let me down when it comes to his writing of the climax to a good conspiracy, so let’s see where issue 11 takes the series…

Within the first few pages, all of the worries I detailed above seem to have been addressed. Laura is certain that there is more to all of this than Uror (sorry Kieron, I don’t know how to get the fancy accents above the o there) was able (or willing) to tell her. With a newfound sense of stubborn belief, Laura then encounters Ananke who states that there is much to discuss. Following on from an issue which dealt so much in downplaying conspiracy, I’m fired up to see that the lore of this amazing series continues to play with our expectations and dismiss easier escapes from hard questions.

Before we get to any answers though, we get to see Baphomet truly live up to his name, as he continues his attacks on other Pantheon members. Watching him converse with a floating representation of his evil self helps the reader understand why the ‘curse’ side of being part of the Pantheon could push him to try and steal a few more years from the other gods. I won’t spoil how his fight with a certain god formerly known as an homage to Prince goes, but the explosive climax really shows how desperate Baphomet has become.

It is entirely to Gillen’s credit then, that after that mid-issue event, what comes next is the biggest, most shocking moment I’ve encountered in comics this year. I can’t bring myself to spoil it, even in the slightest, other than to state that even a conclusion I held so foregone as to include it in the intro to this review is proven so terribly, terribly wrong. Gillen himself puts it best; “It was never going to be okay”.

McKelvie’s art is absolutely gorgeous as always, bolstered by the best, and most atmosphere-creating colouring in any series I’ve read this year, courtesy of Matthew Wilson. The issues focussing on the more… purple gods have always been standouts, so to see Inannna spreading that sweet pastel-hued love — and to then see it literally drain out of him when the tables are turned is a highlight of the issue.

Considering how much the events of this issue are playing on my mind, and how little I can tell you to avoid spreading spoilers, I will insist on giving this issue a perfect 5/5 score, so that even if I can’t exactly tell you why, you will know this comic is absolutely worth your purchase this week.

Rating: 5/5.

ASavThe Writer of this piece was: Andrew Stevens
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