Marvel announces CHEWBACCA solo comic series!

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Marvel have confirmed that the latest addition to their Star Wars comic book stable will be a Chewbacca ongoing series from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto.

The series joins “Star Wars,” “Darth Vader,” “Princess Leia,” “Kanan – The Last Padawan” and “Lando” in the Marvel Star Wars universe, and is set to hit shelves this October.

Speaking in an interview with CBR, writer Duggan spoke about the series, saying “He’s a hero everyone can get behind. Chewie’s roars are the same in any language. He’s never been dubbed or translated. Let’s face it, Wookiees are exactly what you want outer space to be filled with. Not our present day NASA stories of zero gravity toilets and unfortunate rocket misfires. No offense to NASA. They’re doing amazing work. But my point is, everything is more fun with a character like Chewbacca. Why go to a galaxy far, far away to be boring?

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t confirm whether we’d be seeing everyone’s favourite Scruffy Lookin’ Nerf Herder in the series, adding “As for Han, I’m sorry but I have put any questions about the cast into carbonite freeze.

So… thoughts on this announcement then, folks?  Are there any other Star Wars characters you’re love to see shine in their own Marvel solo titles in the future?

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