Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Breakdown

Coming out of SDCC this weekend was a cacophony of information, leaks, new information, and probably one of the biggest and most anticipated trailers of the year (that wasn’t Star Wars) for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It had everything you could want; there was Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Bruce Wayne looking troubled, Superman on trial (?) and so much more, so we thought we would break it down for you to help catch up on anything you might have missed.


bvs1_0First we meet Holly Hunter’s as of unnamed Senator, leading a case against Superman after the events of Man of Steel

bvs2_0Superman approaches the trial

bvs3_0It seems comic movies are getting more and more serious these days. With the politics that we can only guess are going to have a part in Civil War, it’s interesting that they seem to be having a part in BvS as well.

bvs6_0Not quite the welcoming he got in A Quest For Hope, is it?

bvs10_0An interesting move by DC. Having obvious parallels to 9/11 was going to be a sticking point for a lot of viewers. However, here it shows that even out of the suit, Bruce Wayne is a hero, always willing to help. It’s also a safe bet that until this point, he had retired the cowl.

bvs12_0Following on from the previous image, we see Bruce with a child that may have been orphaned in the attack, and a look of contempt on his face. Perhaps it’s time for the cape and cowl to make a comeback?

bvs13_0Wayne Manor has definitely seen better days. There was a time in the 70’s where Wayne purchased a penthouse in Gotham, which may be what happened here. In the comics, it was most recently used by Dick Greyson during his tenure as Bats.

bvs14_0A much more functional Batcave than we’ve previously seen. What’s that in the top right corner as well?

bvs51_0Looks like it’s some Joker-esque graffiti, but that doesn’t look like a Bat Suit… Is that an R on the chest?! Is this Jason Todd’s Robin Costume?! Only time will tell.

bvs21_0Our first look at Jeremy Irons as Alfred! Looks like this is going to be similar to the way that character was portrayed by Sean Pertwee in Gotham

bvs23_0Famously, in Dark Knight Returns, when Bruce re-dons the Cowl, he comes to the aid of two policemen. Matt Damon?

bvs29_0Nice to see Clark Kent is going to be making more screen time this time. “No one cares about Clark Kent against Batman” says Perry White. Well, he’s not wrong.

bvs30_0With a pep talk from his family, we get a shot of the ole’ Super Suit. Good to see Martha Kent and Lois Lane providing a moral compass in this film

bvs44_0Place bets on how long those Golden Locks stay on that head! Luthor makes an appearance

bvs48_0Tao Okamoto makes her first appearance as Mercy Graves, assistant and bodyguard to Luthor. What could possibly be in the box?

bvs49_0Is he in the box? Do we still have to kneel?

bvs52_0Gal Gadot looking coy, but not quite Wonder Woman-y, as Diana Prince

bvs57_0I still get shivers every time i see the Bat Signal getting lit. By Bats lighting it though, can we assume this is meant more as a signal of his return?

bvs60_0Aquaman? Or perhaps Lexcorp divers recovering something, possibly from the wreckage of the events of Man of Steel.

oTKwaRcRight, cough up. Who had JDM as Thomas Wayne?

bvs70_0Now this is more what I was looking for! Not just a pretty face, WW jumps into action

bvs76_0Not sure what to take from this clip. Is this a Supes sanctioned army? Is that the real Batman? Is this just a cheap nod to “Holy Terror”? A flashback or dream sequence perhaps?

bvs85_0Sword and Shield in hand, this Wonder Woman is no Damsel. She means business

bvs88_0Another nod to a classic scene from DKR. this film looks amazing and is wearing it’s heart on its sleeve when it comes to where the source material has came from dkr1_1See? And finally, we get the epic face-to-face showdown as Supes rips the doors off the Batmobile and Batman, clearly not intimidated, stands up and looks him dead in the eye.

Goosebumps, amirite?

I think we can all agree that excitement is building more and more for this film. It certainly has big shoes to fill after the blazing success that Marvel have been having with their Cinematic releases. But, even though we’ve been lied to before with trailers (I’m looking at you, Green Lantern), after seeing this I can’t help but get sucked into the hype.

Let us know what you guys think, and if there’s anything you think we missed in our breakdown.

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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